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Glebar Company, Inc.

Glebar Company, Inc

527 Commerce Street

Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Phone: (201) 337-1500

Fax: (201) 337-6848




Year Founded: 1952

Number of Employees: 50

Number of Facilities: 2



Glebar Co., Inc. has been manufacturing precision machine tools and gauging equipment and providing contract grinding services in Franklin Lakes New Jersey since 1952. Glebar was the first company to grind tapered guide wires for the medical cardiovascular industry in 1964 and since have developed precision grinding equipment and gauges specific to that market. We are ISO 9001:2001 Certified company and all business and production processes are documented with emphasis on continuous improvement. Our machines are also available with CE certification. Glebar develops turnkey precision grinding equipment for a wide variety of industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive among others. We have representation in Europe, Asia and South America.


Glebar provides precision grinding systems for forming medical devices used in Neurological, Dental, Cardiovascular and other Minimal invasive procedures.


Glebar manufactures precision grinding and gauging equipment

Glebar primarily builds precision grinding machines used in the forming of medical devices. These machines produce the majority of guide wires in the world. The CAM.2 CNC Grinding system can produce wires with tapers, flats, hexes, and virtually any shape required and can grind wire down to 0.0203mm in diameter. Glebar also manufactures conventional centerless grinders with full automation to produce multi-tapered guide wires. To support the machines we manufacture, we produce gauging equipment to measure the product produced on the Glebar grinding systems.


Process & Product Development

Some customers have new products they wish to launch in the marketplace but need to have their production process streamlined and optimized. Glebar stocks hundreds of grades of vitrified and diamond abrasive wheels, and have over 50 years of experience in product development. The Glebar R&D Center will extensively run their product to produce the highest yields at the best possible quality. At that point the customer can take in the equipment into their facility with proven production performance statistics.


Glebar machines have been used for over 50 years to introduce new products to the market. Glebar has worked closely with startup companies and OEMs to develop prototypes and new products for the medical industry. This has kept this company on the cutting edge of grinding technology and has allowed us to improve our equipment to suite the market's changing needs. One example of this, was a company that was looking to produce a neurological part with extreme tight tolerances and small dimensions down to 0.0005" diameter. They searched for several years but were unable to find the expertise or the equipment to produce it. Glebar was able to produce a prototype within minutes, and then proceeded to run production for them until their turnkey equipment was built.

Contract Grinding

The R&D center is equipped with the latest in precision grinding machines and gauging systems. We offer Contract grinding using Glebar technology to deliver high quality product from guide wires to other medical devices requiring high precision forming. Glebar has extensive grinding experience with metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and composites.
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Publication:Medical Product Outsourcing
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Date:Dec 15, 2009
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