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GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Ltd.

GSK's Global Business Strategy

GSK is the leading Pharmaceutical Company in its sector in Karachi Stock Exchange. Its global business strategy consists on:

* To build the best product pipeline in the industry.

* To achieve commercial and operational excellence

* To improve access to medicines for those who cannot afford them.

* To make GSK the best place for the best people to do their best work.

* To contribute to investment in communities around the world

* To ensure our business decisions take into consideration ethical, social and environmental concerns.

Marketing and Distribution

GlaxoSmithKline sells its prescription medicines through distributors, primarily to pharmacists, hospitals government entities and other institutions. These products are prescribed by doctors, and dispensed to patients by pharmacies or used in hospital environment.

* GlaxoSmithKline sales team provides value to healthcare professionals. Well organized training is provided aimed to raising the standards of representatives knowledge about diseases and the role of GlaxoSmithKline medicines in treating them

* Value in healthcare can only be achieved with appropriate treatment being administered to maximum number of patients

* Glaxo SmithKline's marketing initiatives aim to remain leader of medicines from cost of treatments, proper diagnosis and knowledge about diseases and prospective options with effective and ethical marketing initiative.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

GSK is committed to being a good corporate citizen and takes seriously its social responsibility to invest in the communities where basic requirements are missing.

GSK's biggest contribution to society is the development of standardized medicines, vaccines and healthcare products that help people to do more feel better and live longer.


GSK being fully committed to meeting its social responsibilities has played an active role in contributing towards the relief efforts for Pakistan's devastating earthquake and supplied antibiotics and analgesics to the affected areas. GSK also donated 350,000 doses of Havrix JuniorTM for earthquake relief. As a gesture of goodwill to fellow countrymen in the hour of need, GSK employees donated a day's worth of salary to the earthquake relief funds in cash. The total value of the medicines and vaccines that GSK Pakistan and its associates have contributed to the disaster relief effort stands over Rs. 400 million.

Excellence Awards

We proudly announce that GSK is one of the eight companies who have been given merit awards for Annual Report 2004 in the 59th South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) Meeting on December 28, 2005 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

GSK has also been awarded 4th position for its Annual Report 2004 in the Chemical and Fertilizer Sector in the ICAP and ICMAP Best Corporate Report Award- 2004.

Economy and Market

Pakistan's Pharmaceutical industry is a major sector of the national economy providing patients affordable access to quality medicines. The industry continued to grow, in line with GDP, with over 400 manufacturing and importing companies competing in a largely genericised market.

GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited is the market leading company in terms of value, prescription and volume shares.

Once again it delivered sustained sales, profit and productivity growth despite increasing cost pressures from rising inflation and a significant increase in competition.

Net Sales Rs.9.4 billion Growth 6.2%
Profit after Tax Rs. 1.8 billion Grew by 23.3%
Sales per Employee Rs.5.1 million Grew by 6.2%
Earning Per Share Rs. 16.6 Grew by 23.2%
 (Basic & Diluted)
Corporate Tax Charges Rs. 880.7 million Grew by 35.9%
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