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Glass shelves and lights display sculpture.

Eskimo sculptures stand on lighted glass shelves where a living room wall and cathedral ceiling meet in Betty Jane Feiten's home in Mendocino, California. Her husband, Roger, installed 1/4-inch-thick, 4-1/2-inch-wide glass shelves between ceiling beams, 9 inches above the wall.

Screwed to the beams, 6-inch pine end blocks anchor each shelf; a redwood slat between the blocks helps support the glass. Fluorescent lights screwed to the wall illuminate the sculptures from below.

To allow each rough redwood 1-by-12 cover panel to angle away from the ceiling and fit against the glass without side support, a beveled 1-by-4 lip was nailed flush to the lower edge of each panel. This lip slips under a 1-by-1 strip nailed to the wall. To bounce light, the inside faces of the panels were painted white. The carved upper edges of the panels complement the hand-hewn beams. When the sculptures are lit, the decorative, randomly curved slits in the panel front, made with a drill and jigsaw, appear as graceful ribbons of light above the sofa.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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