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Glass pavillion planned for 42nd and Fifth.

A team led by George Stonbely, a renowned innovator of dazzling outdoor display systems, and John Burgee, one of the world's best known architects, have announced plans for America's Exposition Pavilion, an all-glass exhibition center to be built at the corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

At a press conference, Stonbely said: "By virtue of its location alone, I expect that America's Exposition Pavilion will become an instant |must see' for the 20 million visitors to New York City each year and the 1.3 million people who cross 42nd and Fifth every day."

In accordance with Stonbely's vision of the project, John Burgee Architects designed America's Exposition Pavilion as a futuristic, magical, world's fair-type environment.

America's Exposition Pavilion will showcase a host nation's cultural treasures, recreational resources or industrial products, or alternately, a sponsoring corporation's goods, services or cultural initiatives.

Stonbely reported that the team currently is negotiating with several prospective sponsors for the pavilion. The project has a base projected cost of $6 million. Operating costs, including rent, will be approximately $1 million per year.

The pavilion is a stand-alone, self-contained venue, envisioned to have a far greater presence than any other exposition space or show. It is designed to occupy a 27.5-foot x 137-foot vacant parcel of land located on the northeast corner of 42nd St. and Fifth Ave., diagonally across from the New York Public Library.

Constructed primarily of glass within a large aluminum grid, the 85-foot tall building will permit passersby a view of the walkways, display modules and projections within it. At night, America's Exposition Pavilion will be lit by washes of light that will create a shimmering, jewel-like presence.
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Title Annotation:America's Exposition Pavilion to be built in New York, New York
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Aug 26, 1992
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