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Glass lenses reminder.


You can't operate the SUGV properly if you can't see the micro-display because of a scratched lens on the glasses.

The lens gets scratched when the micro-display gels shoved into the protective fabric sleeve along with the glasses.

To store the unit properly and not scratch the lens, place the glasses inside the protective fabric sleeve with the micro-display on the outside of the sleeve.



If the lens gets scratched or the glasses get damaged, replace them, not the complete heads-up display unit. It makes the difference between 25 bucks for the lens, 93 bucks for the glasses, or 4,000 big ones for the heads-up display unit!

You'll want to make a note of these NSNs, especially the lens, until they show up in an update to TM 9-2350-397-13&P.

Here's what's available:

Item                                NSN

Heads-up display unit               5855-01-590-8042
Oakley glasses (frame and lenses)   4240-01-525-3095
Oakley dear lenses                  4240-01-525-7555
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