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Thermal, Fire, and Mechanical Properties of Solvent-Free Processed BN/Boehmite-Filled Prepregs. Pawelski-Hoell, Christin; Bhagwat, Sagar; Altstadt, Volker Report Sep 1, 2019 8079
High Residual Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperatures of Bamboo/Glass Reinforced-Polybenzoxazine Hybrid Composite. Zhang, Kai; Wang, Fangxin; Pang, Yuezhao; Liang, Wenyan; Wang, Zhenqing Report Sep 1, 2019 6665
Visual Analysis of Plastication of Long-Glass Fiber-Reinforced Resins Using a Glass-Insert Heating Cylinder. Ma, Sai; Shibata, Kazuyuki; Yokoi, Hidetoshi Report Jun 1, 2019 6091
Thermal Aging Effects on Overall Mechanical Behavior of Short Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide Composites. Zuo, Peiyuan; Fitoussi, Joseph; Shirinbayan, Mohammadali; Bakir, Farid; Tcharkhtchi, Abbas Report Apr 1, 2019 6101
Visualization Analysis of Reciprocating-Screw Plastication Process of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Resins in a Glass-Inserted Heating Cylinder. Ma, Sai; Shibata, Kazuyuki; Yokoi, Hidetoshi Case study Apr 1, 2019 4776
EFFECT OF E-GLASS FIBER ADDITION ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF HEAT-POLYMERIZED ACRYLIC RESIN DENTURE BASE. Yuliharsini, Sri; Nasution, Ismet Danial; Agusnar, Harry; Ritonga, Putri Welda Utami Report Mar 25, 2019 4970
Simultaneous Effects of Silanized Coal Fly Ash and Nano/Micro Glass Fiber on Fracture Toughness and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resin Composites. Nguyen, Liem Thanh; Vu, Cuong Manh; Phuc, Bach Trong; Tung, Nguyen Huy Report Mar 1, 2019 5760
Correlation Between Compounding Sequence and the Properties of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Nylon-6,6 Composite. Mun, Hyung Jin; Cha, Sang Hoon; Choi, Pil Sung; Kim, Jae Ik; Ryu, Sung Hun Report Jan 1, 2019 3904
Measurement Physical properties of Unsaturated polyester (UP) Reinforced Glass Fiber (GF) And Powders (SiC & Cu). Kareem, Noor I. Report Sep 1, 2017 1598
Study on the Effect of Different [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3]/Zr[O.sub.2] Ratio on the Properties of Silicate Glass Fibers. Liu, Jianxun; Yang, Jianping; Huo, Haibin; Lei, Liang; Cui, Ying; Wu, Zhishen Report Jan 1, 2017 5098
Mechanical behaviour of reinforced E-glass fiber and epoxy composite material. Thillairaja, S.; VarunYadav, K.; Manojprabhakar, K.; Thanishkumar, R.; Velmurugan, G.; Venkatesan, S Report Mar 1, 2016 2312
Reinforced epoxy and E-glass fiber composite material to improve the mechanical property. Naveen, E.; NaveenKumaran, G.; Velmurugan, G.; Venkatesan, S.P.; RamKumar, M.; Ahmed, B. Fayaz Report Mar 1, 2016 2407
Exploitation of mechanical properties Ine-glasswoven roving with epoxy (Ly556). Yadav, K. Varun; Thillairaja, S.; Thanishkumar, R.; Velmurugan, G.; Manojprabhakar, K.; Palaniswamy, Report Mar 1, 2016 2177
Audi chooses fibreglass for lightweight springs. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 120
Impact strength of e-glass reinforced PMMA. Matthew, Merin; Shenoy, Kamalakant; Ravishankar, K.S Report Aug 12, 2013 2345
Machinability study of hybrid nanoclay-glass fibre reinforced polyester composites. Prabhu, P.; Jawahar, P.; Balasubramanian, M.; Mohan, T.P. Technical report Jan 1, 2013 5421
Effect of clay addition on mechanical properties of unsaturated polyester/glass fiber composites. Kusmono; Ishak, Zainal Arifin Mohd Report Jan 1, 2013 4086
"Lessons learned" on modeling flow of LGF parts. Jun 1, 2012 652
MiTAC's high-strength glass fiber PC case recognized by Intel. Chuang, Steve Brief article Aug 9, 2011 327
Reasearch concerning the machinability of a fiber glass composite material. Stoica, Marilena; Anania, Florea-Dorel; Bisu, Claudiu Florinel; Zapciu, Miron Report Jan 1, 2010 1489
Strength and ductility of GFRP wrapped corrosion-damaged concrete columns. Revathy, J.; Suguna, K.; Raghunath, P.N. Report Jun 1, 2009 2397
Flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams using GFRP composites. Jadhav, H.S.; Shiyekar, M.R. Report May 1, 2009 1896
The effects of water aging on the mechanical properties of glass-fiber and kevlar-fiber epoxy composite materials/Sendinimo vandenyje itaka stiklo ir kevlaro pluosto epoksidiniu kompozitu mechaninems savybems. Menail, Y.; Mahi, A. El; Assarar, M.; Redjel, B.; Kondratas, A. Report Mar 1, 2009 2634
3B highlights unique performance and cost benefits of HiPer-tex Glass Fibre Reinforcement for blast and ballistic protection at IDEX 2009. Feb 21, 2009 626
Long-fiber concentrate feature high glass loading. Molinaro, Hope Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 177
High-strength and low-stiffness composites of nanoclay-filled thermoplastic polyurethanes. Pattanayak, Asim; Jana, Sadhan C. Nov 1, 2005 5429
Effects of length distribution on the steady shear viscosity of semiconcentrated polymer-fiber suspensions. Huq, A.M.A.; Azaiez, J. Oct 1, 2005 7063
Lanxess describes capabilities of its hybrid technology. Molinaro, Hope Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 258
Residual stress within injection process. Halaska, P.; Manas, M. Technical report Jan 1, 2005 1433
Glass: a shatterproof market: market looks beyond roofing applications. Bitz, Karen Apr 1, 2004 1399
Radial reinforcement of curved glue laminated wood beams with composite materials. Kasal, Bo; Heiduschke, Andreas Jan 1, 2004 3188
Essential Work of Fracture (EWF) analysis for short glass fiber reinforced and rubber toughened nylon-6. Ching, Emma C.Y.; Li, Robert K.Y.; Tjong, Sie Chin; Mai, Yiu-Wing Mar 1, 2003 4373
The glass fiber-reinforced thermoset processing business. (Special Reports). Blanco, Alice Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 221
Football: Old Boys in repeat show. May 9, 2002 176
Govilon retain Division title; Owens Corning Gwent Central League. Apr 25, 2002 124
A team given Open Cup scare against second string; Gwent Central League. Apr 18, 2002 394
Late scoring spurt puts Corning back in top spot; Gwent Central League. Apr 11, 2002 364
Murton strike helps Corning book a semi-final slot; Gwent Central League. Apr 4, 2002 349
Last-gasp Edmunds sends Owens Corning to the top; Gwent Central League. Mar 28, 2002 350
Govilon remain in top spot; Owens Corning Gwent Central League. Mar 21, 2002 122
Owens Corning Insulation E Gwent League. Mar 14, 2002 114
Material, machine & process innovations give birth to SRIM truck box. (SRIM). Sherman, Lilli Manolis Mar 1, 2002 1218
Corning back in top spot; Owens Corning Gwent Central League. Feb 28, 2002 221
Govilon stay on on top after rout; Owens Corning Gwent Central League. Feb 14, 2002 117
The savvy shopper: You know you need a WMS, but don't know where to begin. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how owens corning got it right the first time. (mmH Information Technology). Trebilcock, Bob Feb 1, 2002 1081
Extrusion blow molding of long fiber reinforced polyolefins. Garcia-Rejon, A.; Meddad, A.; Turcott, E.; Carmel, M. Feb 1, 2002 5687
A systems approach to building and selling homes. (Show Home Homelink). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 868
Govilon see off rivals to go back to the summit; Gwent Central League. Dec 27, 2001 224
Goals galore as Govilon win; Owens Corning Insulation Gwent Central League. Dec 20, 2001 372
No change at the top of the table after Corning thrash Sebastopol; Owens Corning Gwent Central League. Dec 13, 2001 233
Govilon hit for four at Sudbrook Cricket Club; Gwent Central League. Nov 15, 2001 327
Govilon hit Goytre for five to open up a four-point gap; Owens Corning Insulation Gwent Central League. Oct 4, 2001 372
A Review on Interface Modification and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites. GEORGE, JAYAMOL; SREEKALA, M. S.; THOMAS, SABU Sep 1, 2001 10289
Revitalise unhygienic shower areas. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 97
Insulation. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 877
Roofing. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 1775
Siding & Accessories. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 2076
PERSONNEL. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 859
People in the news. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 587
A Glass Act. Lacap, Jeffrey J. Aug 1, 2000 1979
Owens Corning. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 163
Waste Glass Fiber Is New Low-Cost Reinforcement. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 208
Owens Corninq Insulation is in the Pink--Aqain. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 396
Processing of Short-Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene. I. Influence of Processing Conditions on the Morphology of Extruded Filaments. BARBOSA, SILVIA E.; KENNY, JOSE M. Jan 1, 2000 4660
O-C Improves Organization. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 100
The Stock Market. SUNDRA, JON R. Nov 1, 1999 1948
Owens Corning Restructures Composites Business. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 94
Owens Corning, GM collaborate. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 104
Japanese demand for P-aramid fiber increases. Oct 1, 1999 91
Owens Corning. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 113
Glass fiber demand in the US is forecast to advance 2.2 percent annually to 6.5 billion pounds in the year 2003, valued at $5.5 billion. Brief Article May 1, 1999 464
Decillion created, key personnel named. Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 222
Long fiber reinforcement of polypropylene/polystyrene blends. Inberg, J.P.F.; Hunse, P.H.; Gaymans, R.J. Feb 1, 1999 2765
Essential fracture work of short fiber reinforced polymer blends. Wong, Shing-Chung; Mai, Yiu-Wing Feb 1, 1999 3828
Duct liner still a sound solution. Coombs, John Jan 1, 1999 725
Commitment to safety. Imus, Catherine Dec 1, 1998 590
Batt insulation basics. Nov 1, 1998 747
O-C, Groupe Porcher complete joint venture. Brief Article Nov 1, 1998 171
Johns Manville terminates Manson acquisition. Brief Article Nov 1, 1998 197
O-C enters joint venture. Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 88
There's still a place for good ole' glass. Wuagneux, Ellen Lees Aug 1, 1998 2325
Microstructure and stiffness analysis of a new ternary melamine-formaldehyde composite. Hagstrand, P.-O.; Rychwalski, R.W.; Klason, C. Aug 1, 1998 6396
Impact fracture behavior of injection molded long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. Skourlis, T.P.; Mehta, S.R.; Chassapis, C.; Manoochehri, S. Jan 1, 1998 4316
John Murphy. Brief Article Dec 1, 1997 110
Rheological, mechanical, and adhesive properties of thermoplastic-LCP blends filled by glass fibers. Kulichikhin, V.G.; Parsamyan, I.L.; Lipatov, Yu S.; Shumskii, V.F.; Getmanchuk, I.P.; Babich, V.F.; Aug 1, 1997 3876
Gauging the glass market. Wuagneux, Ellen Lees Aug 1, 1997 2365
Fiber orientation. Greene, Joseph P.; Wilkes, James O. Jun 1, 1997 4195
Security blanket: fiberglass' potential dangers can be avoided with insulating alternatives. Gulick, Amy May 1, 1997 765
Owens Corning purchases Knytex. Feb 1, 1997 93
Evolution of the three-dimensional orientation distribution of glass fibers in injected isotactic polypropylene. Averous, Luc; Quantin, Jean Christophe; Crespy, Alain; Lafon, Dominique Feb 1, 1997 3300
Selecting long-glass fiber/thermoplastics for creep resistance. Kim, Hong C.; Glenn, Lee W.; Ellis, Chris S.; Miller, Daria E. Jan 1, 1997 1534
Glass fiber. Product Announcement Jan 1, 1997 95
Fiber glass insulation: the proven performer. Nov 1, 1996 1101
The relation between thickness and warpage in a disk injection molded from fiber reinforced PA66. Kikuchi, Hiroyuki; Koyama, Kiyohito May 1, 1996 4486
Warpage, anisotropy, and part thickness. Kikuchi, Hiroyuki; Koyama, Kiyohito May 1, 1996 5876
Epoxy and glass composites in water studied with 2H-NMR. Klotz, Jurgen; Brostow, Witold; Hess, Michael; Veeman, Wiebren S. Apr 1, 1996 2252
Textile fiberglass products and health. Bender, Joel Aug 1, 1995 668
17 steps to better insulation. Johnson, Duane Jun 1, 1995 1083
Owens-Corning acquires position in recycling firm. Brief Article Dec 1, 1994 129
Effect of moisture absorption on the tensile properties of short glass fiber reinforced poly(butylene terephthalate). Ishak, Z.A. Mohd; Lim, N.C. Nov 1, 1994 5038
Meeting the challenges of a higher standard of product quality. Aug 22, 1994 938
The insulation market is hot hot hot. Sullivan, Scott D. Industry Overview Aug 1, 1994 1730
Owens-Corning Fiberglas reorganizes, takes tax charges. May 1, 1994 144
Glass nonwovens: here, there and everywhere. Sullivan, Scott D. Aug 1, 1993 1638
Reducing warp in thermoplastics with bilobe glass fibers. Gallucci, R.; Naar, R.; Liu, N.I.; Huey, L.; Schweizer, R. May 1, 1993 1422
Through the looking glass: an overview of the glass nonwovens industry. Sullivan, Scott D. Industry Overview Aug 1, 1992 2743
New study reports microfiber glass not carcinogenic. Brief Article Aug 1, 1992 310
Glass: a class of its own. Noonan, Ellen Editorial Aug 1, 1992 409
New glass 'lens' for intensifying X-rays. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Jun 27, 1992 353
Glass fibers to channel neutrons to a focus. Peterson, Ivars Jun 6, 1992 379
Party lanterns for a festive Fourth. Jul 1, 1991 286
Building a garden pond using fiberglass. Apr 1, 1987 1280
Space-age stocks; the durability, lightness and practicality of the new fiberglass and plastic rifle handles may make them the popular choice for the future. Sundra, Jon Oct 1, 1985 2749

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