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Glass deck railing clears up their view.

Glass deck railing clears up their view Every time Barbara and Bill Thorsen sat down to take in the view of San Francisco Bay from their deck, a thick wooden railing and posts got in the way. Thinking that a glass "wall" might be the answer, they asked Chris Andersen of Bay Windows in Sausalito to design this new railing for their 15 1/2-foot-wide deck. Not only does it provide see-through viewing; it also blocks brisk winds that frequently blow off the bay. After removing the old railing, Andersen used metal brackets to secure 2 1/2- by 4-inch aluminum U-channel with 3/4-inch-thick sides to the joists. Ends were tied back into the house. Andersen then inset 42-inch-high panels of 1/2-inch-thick tempered glass--three large ones in front, two small ones for each side; he allowed 1 1/2-inch gaps between panels. The glass was cemented in place, then capped with inverted 3/4-by 3/4-inch aluminum U-channel with 1/8-inch-thick sides, also tied back into the house. The aluminum railing cap and base have a bronze anodized finish.

PHOTO : Embedded in cement topped with silicone sealer, tempered-glass panels rise from aluminum

PHOTO : channel anchored to deck
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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