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Glass Imploder cuts waste.

A LONDON hotel has slashed the number of costly waste vehicle journeys to and from its site by taking advantage of a unique British glass implosion process.

The five-star Grosvenor House in Mayfair can accumulate up to 20 660-1itre bins of empty champagne and wine bottles every day. Now an environmental review at the hotel has seen it adopt a glass implosion unit invented by Dorset firm Krysteline.

The patented Imploder renders the glass sharp free, making the end product suitable for use as a recycled aggregate, or for further processing into high-value products for industry. In addition, noise levels are reduced during collection because the sound of tipping imploded glass is similar to that of tipping sand.

Implosion is a mechanically induced, high-speed process that creates a harmonic resonance that results in the destruction of glass while rendering it sharp free.

The result is similar to the effect of an opera singer shattering a wine glass when hitting a very high note, except that implosion shatters the glass inwards on itself, and creates no shards or sharp edges.

Implosion produces a range of fraction sizes from 0.2mm up to 16mm. The size range can be varied towards smaller or larger fractions. The imploder densities glass up to 5% of its original volume.

George Mcintosh, executive steward at Grosvenor House, said: "The impact since using the Imploder has been tremendous--it's clean and safe and has reduced man hours hugely. It has also reduced collections."

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Date:Sep 3, 2008
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