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GlacialLight Launches Low-Power, Eco-Friendly T8 LED Tubes.

New Delhi, May 18 -- New Delhi, India, GlacialTech Inc. is launching the GlacialLight T8 low power Light Emitting Diode (LED) light tubes under the GlacialLight brand - the LED T8 tubes are an improvement on existing models as well as innovative. The unique advantage is that the tubes are extremely low in power consumption with under 10W power consumption for the 2ft tube, and under 20W power consumption for the 4ft Tube. They identically suit a G13 socket as well as individually support four AC input voltage specs, including 100-110V, 120V, 220-240V, and 277V.

If the input voltage doesn't stay within its specified range, the tube may not light up due to a too low input voltage insufficient to start up the tube successfully or may flicker on and off due to a too high input voltage setting off the inbuilt Over Temperature Protection (OTP) to shut down the tube at a relatively high temperature as well as starting up the tube at a relatively low temperature automatically. The LED T8 Tubes are designed to replace the equivalent Cathode Fluorescent tubes (CFT) available in markets today. Using lower wattage compared with the original products, the T8 LED has the same structure and style of traditional CFT tubes but delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation and few of the pitfalls faced by traditional CFT tubes.

It should be highlighted the patented LED driver built in the LED tube is one of our eco-friendly inventions. Unlike the conventional LED drivers emitting Electromagnetic Interference (EMI, also called Radio Frequency Interference or RFI) via either electromagnetic conduction or electromagnetic radiation, our innovative LED driver emitting neither noise nor interference will not interfere the effective performance of noise-sensitive electronic devices such as television sets, cell phones, AM/FM radios, medical instruments, military equipments, and the like.

There are no toxic gasses present in the design and the tubes are much more robust and weatherproof. The LED T8 Tubes can be used for general everyday use, for indoor applications, and incorporates all the latest luminary technology garnered from GlacialTech's unique resources; combining years of experience in designing cooling systems as well as all manner of consumer electronic device power supplies.

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Publication:India PRwire
Date:May 18, 2010
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