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When it comes to change and the dynamics that define it, ASAE is much like the organizations and firms managed by our members. Like you, we are challenged by an ever-changing hierarchy of member needs, squeezed by a savvy marketplace, and pressured by a technology-propelled work environment. And, like you, to stay the course we must rely upon the most professional and creative staff team we can possibly assemble.

It is with great confidence and enthusiasm, then, that I announce just such a competent team of senior executives - our vice presidents and executive vice presidents - who are now in place to serve our members and their staffs.

Our organizational restructuring, completed during the first few months of the new administration, forged significant shifts that have altered ASAE's management blueprint:

* The Public Policy Division replaces the former Government Relations Division, broadening ASAE's outreach and impact in the legislative, regulatory, and consumer environments.

* A newly formed Communications Division allows all related departments, including the Web site staff, to work in concert to ensure interactive communication with our members.

* While conventions and meetings are an integral part of ASAE's mission, the more descriptively named Professional Development Division expands the division's scope of activity and purpose. Programs underpin ASAE's commitment to the continuing training and development of all members at all levels of their profession.

* Our three clearly defined corporate entities - ASAE, ASAE Foundation, and ASAE Services Corporation - each have at the helm their own executive vice president and chief operating officer. Our former vice president of finance has been named chief financial officer and oversees all three business units, while I serve as CEO of each corporation.

In the months ahead, you can turn to "ASAE Up Front," where we'll be sharing with you the scope of activity, new programs and services, and member support each of our divisions is committed to deliver. Like you, the senior management team is motivated by its visions and aspirations. You'll find them "Up Front" - translated into the kinds of actionable ideas and opportunities you expect from your professional society.
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Title Annotation:organizational restructuring within the American Society of Association Executives
Author:Olson, Michael S.
Publication:Association Management
Date:Mar 1, 1999
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