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Giving Thanks for (Sweet) Thanksgiving Treats

WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- As you enjoy your pumpkin pie, marshmallow topped candied yams, and other sweet goodies this Thanksgiving, you can thank the thousands of American sugar farmers who are delivering this delicious commodity at less than it cost at the beginning of the decade.

That doesn't mean you may not be paying more for sugar-containing products. But you're not paying more for the sugar, and American sugar farmers want you to know that, according to Carolyn Cheney, chairman of the American Sugar Alliance (ASA). ASA is an alliance supporting domestic sugarbeet, sugarcane and corn sweetener farmers and processors.

According to government figures, since 1990 wholesale refined sugar prices -- the price the big commercial food, bakery and candy makers pay for their sugar -- are down by more than 3 percent.

At the same time that prices for sugar have been failing, prices for sugar-containing products have been rising. The government reports that bakery items, such as cookies, cakes, pies, bread, and cereal are up an average of 24 percent since 1990.

What about Mr. and Mrs. Average U.S. Consumer? Retail sugar prices are less, also, than they were in 1990 and about a fourth lower than the average price paid by consumers in the rest of the developed world.

More good news for consumers and taxpayers: U.S. sugar policy operates at no cost to the taxpayers -- there are no subsidies involved -- and, in fact, a special marketing tax on sugar is expected to bring in more than $288 million over the life of the current Farm Bill to help lower the federal deficit.

So enjoy your pumpkin pie and other desserts. Efficient American sugar farmers in 17 states are making sure you get a good quality product at a reasonable price, while at the same time they're helping reduce the federal deficit, Cheney said.

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Date:Nov 26, 1996
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