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Give water a chill!

Hot days in the sun means hot water in your water buffalo.

Put some "chill" in the water with the help of a small mobile water chiller that comes with NSN 4130-01-315-7583.

Use the chiller on all M149-series trailers, the 250- and 400-gal water trailers, the 50-gal fabric drums and even 5-gal cans.

To mount the chiller, modify the trailer using the mounting kit that comes with the chiller.

The chiller is powered by an 18-hp gas engine. It has an electric starter to help you get it going. But don't use it! The chiller doesn't have a battery, so you have to connect it to an external power source.

The instructions on the chiller's data plate say you can use either 12-volt or 24volt auxiliary power to start the engine--but don't believe it. Twelve volts will do the job, but 24 will burn out the starter.

You won't find tactical trucks with a 12volt electrical system, so your best bet to start the chiller is with muscle power only.
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