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Give us facts and figures; Letters.

FOR a long time I thought it would be better to 'come out' of the EEC However, over the last year, I have become very undecided.

How can we decide with no facts and figures to enable us to decide one way or another? On Wednesday, January 6, there was an article by no less a person than Viscount Ridley. What a disappointment. Viscount Ridley missed a golden opportunity to explain why we should come out of the EEC. For instance I believe in the seventies we voted to go into the Common Market, not the EEC. Who are the group of business people who have got together to form Business for Britain? Anyone could make this statement, true or false.

Then on Friday, January 8, in The Journal, Phil Wilson had an article about staying in the EEC. But he too missed a golden opportunity to give facts and figures. Phil says Newcastle University got PS9m to develop a microchip, which sounds wonderful, but it was actually getting back some of the country's own money. He goes on to say that the Freeman and RVI hospitals got a PS115m loan from the European Investment Fund. This was not even our money back, but a loan which we would have to pay back, with interest!

And what about the paragraph about how coming out of the EEC would affect our membership of the IMF, World Bank, Commonwealth, NATO and sitting permanently on the UN Security Council. I don't understand this statement.

I would also criticise The Journal for not placing all the facts and figures in front of us. We all know that it costs around PS53m a day to be in the EEC but I have never seen a figure for coming out, let alone the number of jobs we will lose.

If no one on either side can produce these figures how can they say it would be better to come out or stay in? L HODGSON, Hexham

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 26, 2016
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