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Give curling the brush-off.


THE Winter Olympics contains some of the most exciting sports known to man. Apart from the competitive element there is a real sense of physical jeopardy.

Speed skaters spin off into the audience as they hurl themselves round a track the size of a Polo mint; downhill skiers make a split-second mistake and plunge into trees; snowboard jumpers misjudge the wind and land on their faces (as happened to Team GB's Aimee Fuller). Exciting stuff.

Less exciting is the dreariest sport ever created - curling. I'd like to know who had so much time on their hands they decided to put bowls on ice, combine it with frantic sweeping and create what looks like Competitive Housework.

So I was surprised to learn that one of the participants has tested positive for a banned substance. I presume that during a bit of frantic ice-sweeping they simply breathed in too much Mr Sheen.


WIN OR BUST Team GB's Aimee Fuller

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2018
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