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Give A Child HEALTH.

THIS week we have received a donation of pounds 30 'in lieu of flowers and in memory of our dear friend Colin Walters who is very sadly missed by Roger, Marlene and David'. Another pounds 30 comes from MDN 'lovingly remembering dear parents and brothers'.

pounds 20

A GIFT of pounds 20 comes "in memory of Bert Johnson, a dear dad and gramp. Loved and remembered with pride by June, Walter and Mark" and another pounds 20 comes "with birthday memories of mom Cissie Meredith. Sadly missed and always remembered by Tom and John".

A further pounds 20 comes from Don, Margaret and families "with special birthday memories of our dear dad Ernie Hill, June 22. Remembered with love".

pounds 10

A GIFT of pounds 10 comes "in loving memory of my dear mother May and also my sister Daphne. Both are still missed every day, with love from Joan and family" and another pounds 10 comes from M Dawes "in memory of my mum, Mrs Keith, June 23, 1998". A further pounds 10 comes "in memory of sister Mary and brother Bill from Eleanor and Joe". Please note that we no longer accept stamps for the fund.

Week's Total pounds 150

Overall Total pounds 10,433.12
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2007
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