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Give'em Hales Ales.

Caption: Give'em Hales Ales A proposal to expand Seattle's Monorail has been big news in that city, but Hale's Ales is the first brewery to get aboard. "We are still trying to figure other Seattle brewery didn't jump on this one right away," says Bill Preib of Hale's Ales, Seattle, WA. "Nonetheless, it looks like we thought of it first. And so the active imaginations at the Hale's Brewery bring you Hale's monarale ESB." Preib describes Hale's Monorale as "a complex, deep amber colored ale with a smooth body, an herbal aroma and a crisp bitterness." He reports that the brand was made in limited quantities. "We're going to have fun with this beer and see how it rides out," he says. "So don't let it you by ... Rise above it all with Hale's Monorale ESB.... Take a ride on Hale's new Monorale ESB...someone stop me, please."
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Title Annotation:Hale's Ales launches Hale's Monorale
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Feb 17, 2003
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