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Girls' life, top books.

Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism

by Georgia Byng, HarperCollins, $16.99

Molly has no idea what she's in for when she finds the hypnotism book in the library, but if that nutcase professor from the museum is so hot for it, it must be big. She soon discovers she has the "gift," and uses it to rise to true starlet status. But the professor tracks her down, kidnaps her dog and wants Molly's help in committing the crime of the century.

Period Pieces: Stories for Girls

selected by Erzsi Deak and Kristin Embry Litchman, HarperCollins, $15.99

Getting your period is a major deal. That's why you'll totally relate to these true tales of "surfing the red wave," wrought with emotions and embarrassing moments (like getting it while horseback riding with a serious hottie). But, as these stories show, "becoming a woman" is a fact of life. Period.

A Northern Light

by Jennifer Donnelly, Harcourt, $17

It's 1906, and Mattie's Ma has recently passed away. So while Pa works the farm, Mattie has to care for her sisters. Her dream of being a writer might come true after she gets a full scholarship, but can Mattie leave her family? While sorting it our, she takes a summer job at a fancy resort--and lands smack in the middle of a murder mystery.

Planet Janet

by Dyan Sheldon, Candlewick, $14.99

Janet has just entered her "Dark Phase," which involves wearing black, listening to jazz, and thinking deep and meaningful thoughts. That is, unless she's wondering if her nose piercing is infected or deciding what color to dye her hair. Read all about it in this hysterical diary. With her "wicked" sense of humor, Janet knows she's destined for greatness.

Seventeenth Summer

by Maureen Daly, Simon & Schuster, $17.95

Originally published in 1942, this is a classic story of first love. Angie hadn't really dated anyone before Jack. But he captures her affections from the second he first smiles at her in the drugstore. Sure, Jack has dated other girls, but everything is new, uncertain and exciting for Angie. Holding his hand, the first kiss--Angie savors it all.

Jericho Walls

by Kristi Collier, Henry Holt, $16.95

When Jo and her family move to Jericho, S.C., she promises to act more like a preacher's daughter and stop picking fights. But after Jo befriends Lucas, who's black, she finds herself up against her father and, ultimately, the entire town when Lucas is refused a library card. And in the 1950s south, a simple matter such as a library card can be deadly.

A Mange-Shaped Space

by Wendy Mass; Little, Brown, $16.95

How cool would it be to see red zig-zag thunder and mango-colored cat purrs? Well, for Mia, sounds, numbers and letters have their own hues--but her math tests keep coming back with big purple F's. So to save herself from summer school, Mia must spill her secret. She's accused of being crazy or having middle-child syndrome, but there's a name for what Mia has, and she's not alone.

Melanie Martin Goes Dutch

by Carol Weston, Knopf, $15.95

GL's "Dear Carol" brings another hilarious look at life with Melanie Martin--this time on her family's trip to Amsterdam. It's bound to be the best vacation ever because her BFF Cecily gets to go with them! They get a bad start when their luggage is lost...but things go from bad to worse when friend fights prevail. Will it be a total bummer of a summer?

My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie

by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe, Peachtree, $14.95

Allie admits she's a social outcast. She's got issues with school, imaginary friends.., and funerals. She feels at home among the black-clad mourners. At the cemetery, she meets her first friend, and together they become wrapped up in a mystery involving the death of a teen named Jimmy.

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

By Ann Brashares, Delacorte, $15.95

In this sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, BFFs Carmen, Bee, Lena and Tibby are back with their magic pants! You know, that one pair of pants that fits them all even though they're each shaped differently. Separated once again by love, heartbreak and adventure, the girls' friendship is forever changed by the transforming thread of the pants.
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