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Articles from Girls' Life (October 1, 2006)

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Title Author Type Words
Alex Pettyfer. Kershaw, Julia Brief article 152
Animal instincts. Brief article 173
Are you the real you? Do you mold yourself to fit in--or do you so not give a hoo-ha about what people think of you? Mulcahy, Lisa 1134
Art with heart. Brief article 164
Attention, please. Vicky Letter to the editor 103
Back to reality: you've seen her rockin' reality show on MTV. But could Cheyenne's real life be even better? Bokram, Karen 1420
Begging for change. Brief article 110
Blonde ambition. Caitlin Letter to the editor 178
Boy trouble. Weston, Carol Brief article 94
Brown-bag it. Sessions, Karen Brief article 180
Bud after breakup. Weston, Carol Brief article 165
Code red. Brief article 92
Covert dating. Dave 466
Eye envy. Brief article 258
Fact or fiction? Kemp, Kristen Brief article 84
Fake flasher. Weston, Carol Brief article 142
Fall fashion our way! 497
First kiss junkie: three BFs in three weeks? The first step is admitting you have a problem. Chappell, Kathleen Feeney 2707
Food fight! You know not to eat junky breakfasts, vats of fries and sugary snacks. But straight-to-your-thighs food has a way of sneaking into your everyday life. So, outsmart it before it attacks. No more extra poundage! 784
Girls rule the school. Brief article 161
GL star signs. Starz, Lola 757
GL's guilt-free guide to ... the end. Pangyanski, Jennifer 1101
Guilty pleasure. Weston, Carol Brief article 112
Home sweet homeschool. Rachel Letter to the editor 101
Homework horror. Weston, Carol Brief article 196
Light as a feather! We love Stupid Slumber Party Tricks! Your next sleepover will be totally uplifting. Brief article 129
Lindsey Haun: hot hot hot! White, Kelly Interview 1038
Make it or break it. Mulcahy, Lisa 556
Make the grade and still have a life! Ayer, Brigid Curtis 1035
Ms. Last-Minute: always putting stuff off? There's a name for your affliction. Procrastination. Kershaw, Leah 644
My BFF never has any money, so I always wind up paying her way for things. I love her, but I get really sick of it. Brief article 235
Poser much? Sandler, Laura 606
Rap daddy. 559
Real girl beauty problems ... solved! 1769
Safety net. Alexa Letter to the editor 88
Say what!? White, Kelly 976
Scared and lonely. Weston, Carol Brief article 141
Scarred for life. Weston, Carol Brief article 160
She's so vein. Kemp, Kristen 399
Sick of lies. Weston, Carol Brief article 131
Soft serve. Recipe 124
Still love my boyfriend. Weston, Carol Brief article 139
Stop! Reading this page could save your life. I'm not kidding. Bokram, Karen 631
Striking back. Brief article 102
The new denim: your all-time favorite just got some fresh new twists. Alexander, Dean Brief article 301
Wanting to help. Weston, Carol Brief article 129
What a turn-off. Brief article 138
What it's like ... 2161
What's your dating rating? Every girl has her idea of what makes a great date. So ... what's yours? Hazen, Elizabeth 1151
What's your friendship groove? A great listener? The perfect play pal? Advice is your middle name? Take this quiz to peg your bonafide friendship personality! Ryan, Sandy Fertman 1303
Who's the boss? Balderson, Brooke 427
Work it! Brief article 94

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