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Articles from Girls' Life (June 1, 2005)

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A winning attitude. Monique Letter to the Editor 137
After I introduced my two best friends to each other, they became super-close and now they leave me out of the loop: I wanted my best friends to meet, not become new BFFs and ditch me! How can I get them back? 192
And how was your day? Can't top this one. Column 583
Are you super shy or a social butterfly? Whether you're the life of the party or more about wallflower power, get inside your summer socializin' style. Sorocco, Erika 793
Ask Dr. M: bullying, friends, growing up ... none of it is easy. Ask Dr. M and her daughter Liz for their advice. Column 282
Be a hot beauty: old-school beauty booty for a sizzlin' summer. 800
Be an adventure girl! 150
Beach wrap. Chaillu, Debbie 168
Big track attack. 136
Blaine Larsen. White, Kelly 420
Blender babe. 94
Brain freeze. 117
Budget-friendly fashion. Kayla Letter to the Editor 115
Burned again: things heat up when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong. And that's why Maggie got herself a big ol' slice of humble pie. Morris, Taylor Short Story 3003
Come to your senses: which of the senses rules your summer? Maxbauer, Lisa 895
Cute-for-you suits! Foreman, Dean 385
Day at the beach: take an exotic vacation without ever leaving your room. 594
Dear Carol. Weston, Carol 1666
Enter DarKastle. 124
Fast food revelation: that greasy French fry or double cheese-burger is calling your name? Know how to be smart about it. 758
Finals analysis: the dreaded finals are here. Get great grades without pushing your brain into overload mode. Sorocco, Erika 633
Find your perfect pen pal! Brief Article 362
Fostering family ties. 139
Friends, sisters & magic pants: is it so many years as friends or a single experience that bonds girls together forever? From the new movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, four actresses talk about becoming great pals while playing the tightest of best friends in the comfiest of jeans. Bryson, Jodi Cover Story 2900
Genevieve Cortese. White, Kelly 331
Get on board. Book Review 123
Goodbye, blemishes: breakouts are as necessary as commercials. TiVo your face with these fast fixes. Column 768
His BFF is a babe: your BF's buddy is cute, smart and rocks a pair of jeans. Thing is, his No. 1 pal is a gal. How to deal when a girl is your boy's best friend ... Lundsten, Apryl 561
Hope on a string. 115
How to have your funnest summer ever ... Column 841
It only takes a smile: I just broke down--I was afraid I couldn't handle it. Ryan, Sandy Fertman Column 1483
Karen the editor's page. Karen Column 633
Keepin' it together: you and the gals will be apart for some of the summer? There are lots of ways to ease the separation anxiety. Frank, Mary Kate 436
Lean on her. Chelsea Letter to the Editor 91
Li'l Spears. Alisa Letter to the Editor 150
Love that bod! Do you have a case of bad bod-itude? Lost it ... by feeling beautiful from the inside out. Ryan, Sandy Fertman 1144
Must-have family vacation--GL's survival guide. Lundsten, Apryl 1625
Outta site! 174
Phony baloney: my new BF is fun and nice. But he says he'll call, then never does. I'm too embarrassed to ask why. I don't want to seem desperate. How should I handle this? Dave Column 566
Pick your perfect swimsuit color! 246
Pirate princess of the Caribbean. Foreman, Dean 370
Pucker up: juicy citrus scents are squeeze-a-licious. 199
Rich girls: Louis Vuitton bags, mega-bucks Sweet 16's and major bling aren't just for the Hilton sisters these days. Why girls everywhere suddenly want to live large. Bokram, Karen 2376
Sister act. Conry, Jaci 607
Sleep on it! Book Review 84
Smooth moves: stubbly legs? Never-smooth underarms? Bikini line speed bumps? Not this summer! White, Kelly 786
Star signs. Starz, Lola Column 1235
Sun kissed: freckles--I hate them! Mine are dark and stand out on my light skin. Help! Gelbwasser, Margaret Column 425
Swimwear 101. 605
The gene pool: my family is going to the beach with some other relatives. My aunt and uncle yell a ton, and my cousins get into first fights. Help! Sandler, Laura Column 580
Top 10. 638
Workin' it. Maggie Letter to the Editor 101

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