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Articles from Girls' Life (August 1, 2004)

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"What I wish someone had told me about high school": ever wish you had a cool older sister who would tell you everything you needed to know to make high school the best time you've ever had? We got 17 seniors to spill on what even your big sister doesn't know. Davis, Allison 2111
A cautionary tale. 588
A fly spy kid. Rachel Letter to the Editor 101
Ads don't add up. 150
Ashlee Simpson. Interview 322
Better than a brown bag. 141
BFF dilemma of the month: my BFF's new friend sits with us at lunch, and she doesn't like me. It's really tense at the lunch table now. Kirstin 240
Bookbag stash: beat those back-to-school blues by loading up on loot that'll last all fall. Our beauty supplies list beats shopping for pens and paper any day! 214
Brady Corbet. White, Kelly Interview 338
Bringing home the Bacon. 151
Call it like you see it! 105
Coolest room on the block: have a bedroom that's way drab and boring? Hang on for the excitement plan.... White, Kelly 617
Dear Carol. Weston, Carol 1769
Find your perfect pen pal! 360
Friend blend: the do's and don'ts of mixing your old crew with the new.... Gildee, Ocean 384
Gettin' the last laugh: dissed? Dumped? Ratted on? Who can blame you for wanting revenge? But there is a better way.... Kidd, Brandy 723
Girlfriend 101: don't want your brand-new BF to make like a tree and leave? Check out our tried-and-true tips.... Sorocco, Erika 653
GL's 10 years of hotties: yeah, hotties come and go but, while they're here, they sure do make an impression! Here's who was hot and when ... 176
Go ahead, make my day! Your mission brighten someone else's day. Equipment your natural charm and creativity, plus GL's 10 simple starter ideas. Guaranteed result you'll make someone smile and feel loads better yourself! Langley, Karen 930
Got milk? 130
Hang in there, baby! Lanyards, jean jewels and key chains are the hottest accessory trend! Show your style by clipping these classics onto belt loops and backpacks. Snap! 110
Harry meets GL. Erin Letter to the Editor 121
How GL changed my life! Ryan, Sandy Fertman 1285
I was there. Maria Poem 162
It's a wrap! 128
Karen the editor's page. Bokram, Karen 433
Kitty's ahead of the class. 117
Last call for mall crawl. 149
Listening to music too loud can damage your ears. Kemp, Kristen 87
Load up your locker! Callahan, Kate 396
Love. Your. Hair. Really! Fine hair flops. Curl girls fight frizz. Thick hair like straw. Can we all just get along with our hair once and for all? Here's how to make peace and learn to love your locks. Davis, Jasmen 1076
Make your (hall)mark. 159
Master manga! 111
More coverage. Jessica Letter to the Editor 107
Mr. Right ... right here: who's the guy that's really right for you? Surprise, it might not be the guy you think! Find your real love match right here. Bryson, Jodi 2269
Mum's the word. Sandler, Laura 704
No gain, a pain. Kemp, Kirsten 495
Peyton List: GL's 10th anniversary August cover girl. Ryan, Sandy Fertman Interview 322
Reader letter of the month. Amy Letter to the Editor 109
Smart girls, bad grades: your teachers and parents want your grades to be higher. And you want your grades to be higher. So why aren't they? Find out here. Bryson, Jodi 1728
So long, summer: end-of-summer friendship dilemmas ... fixed. White, Kelly 660
Star signs. Starz, Lola 1285
Taking a stand. 221
Teen tan fad bad! 111
The first day of school, I want to look ... 819
The GL time warp trivia test! Time to jump into the old wayback machine and return to those carefree days when Pokemon ruled the earth. Take this quiz to see how many crazy-cool pop culture facts you know from the past 10 years! 1100
The green scene. 123
The perfect girl: even though she was super-smart, outgoing and athletic, Kathryn, 17, hated herself for not being perfect. Here's the heart-wrenching story of how bulimia almost destroyed her. Ryan, Sandy Fertman 1625
The secret identity of Sam Mullins: no one believes in superheroes. Or do they? Megan's not so sure. But new kid Sam Mullins may just be the real thing. McCandless, Sarah Grace Fictional Work 2668
Top 10 jams. 643
Water world. 137
Wrestle mania. Bill, Dave 672
Your snack time survival guide: back-to-school snack attack: it's back-to-school time--and time to get back on track with eating right. Here's how to junk the junk food ... and never even miss it. Heaner, Martica 1166

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