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Girl shoots cougar.

The Associated Press reported on February 25 about an incident that showed armed self-defense isn't limited to human predators. The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department said an 11-year-old girl shot and killed a cougar that was following her 14-year-old brother. The day before she shot the cat, the father of the children had chased the same cougar away. On the day of the incident, the boy went out to feed the family dogs when he spotted the cougar following him. His father yelled for him to return to the house immediately, which he turned to do, the cougar following closely behind him. The daughter had a tag to hunt cougars and fired at the animal, killing it.

The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department has issued five special permits allowing hunters to use dogs to track and kill cougars in response to a series of atypical events involving cougars this winter. Fish and Wildlife agents say there might be an increase in the cougar population, or the existing ones may be having trouble finding deer, which are their usual prey.

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Author:Krey, Patrick
Publication:The New American
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Date:Apr 7, 2014
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