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Girl school.

This is referring to a Mail Drop letter that appeared in the March 2005 issue. In the letter the person says something about: "open the eyes of the thousands of boys and young men who read your magazine," and I am sitting there thinking to myself what the fuck?! Why would you go there and assume that it is only just boys and young men read Thrasher? Many girls including me read Thrashe! Also, skating is not just a guy's sport by any means; yeah it's true that you may not always see many girls skating, but we are out there, trust me! My sister and I skate every single chance that we get and I will bet one day the girls who do skate will be just as good as some of the boys--hell, they could even be better!

Nicki Feguer

Sparta, MI

One day you'll rule the planet.--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Feguer, Nicki
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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