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Girl Scout Sells Hundreds Of Cookie Boxes Outside Weed Dispensary.

One enterprising Girl Scout saw that ( Girl Scout cookie season started around the same time as ( California legalized recreational marijuana and had an idea. She set up shop outside the Urbn Leaf marijuana dispensary in San Diego and sold her treats to customers who were about to have the munchies anyway, with the blessing of the store, ( KGTV-10 reported.

Urbn Leaf promoted it on its Instagram page.



The store cleverly encouraged people to buy Girl Scout cookies from the girl after they bought GSC (a ( weed strain named after Girl Scout cookies) from the store. The scheme was a success, as the scout sold more than 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to Urbn Leaf customers who wanted something to snack on after they lit up later.

Officially, the Girl Scouts are not huge fans of this practice, which has happened a few times since marijuana legalization has become more and more popular around the United States. The Colorado chapter forbids its scouts from selling outside of dispensaries, but the organization told the ( Los Angeles Times in 2014 that the rules vary by region.

Marijuana, of course, has a ( noticeable side effect of making its users very hungry afterwards, so it makes sense to try and sell food outside a dispensary. Despite the U.S. federal government's feelings on the matter, January was a huge month for marijuana legalization efforts partially due to the size of California's weed economy, ( Vox reported.


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