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Ginger Snaps.

Hats off to the Royal Shakespeare for making two ginger lads the heroes ( and they were undoubtedly the heroes, I thought ( of this week's Theatre Royal production of The Comedy of Errors.

As one of the ginger lads so wisely said: "We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another," which sounds like a pretty good motto for life to us. (PIC IN HERE)

TALKING of a comedy of errors, a robber who tried to steal money for a school in Chile found himself on the wrong end of youthful insolence this week.

Parents, teachers and pupils were in the school in Providencia when a man entered and said: "This is a robbery" only for everyone to laugh as students were rehearsing a play which started with the same words.

Eventually people understood what was really going on and the robber took the registration money and ran off.

But the hapless crook ran towards the local police station and was arrested by officers who were on their way after being alerted about the robbery.

OVERHEARD on a bus in Newcastle this week, a rather unusual conversation between two middle-aged women.

"I went to see The Prodigy last night."


"Y'know, The Prodigy. That dance band who did Firestarter."

"Oh aye. Did you like that then?"

"Well, a bit. I was the only granny there, I think. I'm going to see UB40 next week ( that's more up my street."

SHOWING admirable restraint not matched in the retail world, Ginger Snaps has waited until December to launch our festive coverage.

The third annual Ginger Snaps awards will take place on December 31. Any nominations for Man of the Year, Woman of the Year and Redhead of the Year should be sent to the usual address.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 3, 2005
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