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Gimme the money!

We're guessing the great advantage to robbing a bank with a toilet plunger rather than with a Browning BAR is that the police are less likely to stop a guy schleppin' along on a city sidewalk with a plunger over his shoulder. Maybe that's what was on Lawrence Deptola's mind. Or maybe, he figured if the bank didn't have any money, he would go ahead and unclog their toilets for 'em--who knows?

Anyway, that was Lawrence's weapon of choice when he marched into a bank in Utica, N.Y., and announced a holdup. The teller wasn't initially impressed, it seems, until he waved his plunger and made threatening noises. We guess she was impressed enough then to hit the alarm. We can't blame her: Who knows if that plunger had been thoroughly cleaned after its last use?

Luckily, cops were already in the area, having been notified by two other nearby banks about a skulking potential toilet unclogger behaving suspiciously. Deptola was chased down in a foot pursuit and collared. It is presumed his plunger was seized as evidence, though it probably could have come in handy in his cellblock.
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Title Annotation:Back Blast & other hot gases
Comment:Gimme the money!(Back Blast & other hot gases)
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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