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Gimbal's Fine Candies. (Corporate Profile).


In 1898, Alexander Gimbal founded Gimbal Candy Kitchen in downtown San Francisco. He was a native son of a French California forty-niner who came to California during the gold rush of the mid-1800s. One year after he founded his small company, his two younger brothers, Louis and Eugene, joined him with the high ideals of producing the finest, most distinctive candy possible. This family business became known as Gimbal Brothers.

At the very outset, Gimbal Brothers made history as one of the first users of steam for cooking. This was advertised by a sign hanging above the original Washington Street store that read "Pacific Steam Candy Factory." This process of cooking candies, which remains virtually the same over a century later, produced a much better product than the old method of heating ingredients with an open flame.

As Gimbal Brothers' business began to grow, it became necessary to move to larger plant facilities in San Francisco twice over the next two years. The utmost quality standards that Gimbal Brothers maintained were very popular with finer retail outlets. During those early years, the company supplied the confectionery needs of the West Coast with such items as nickel candy bars, penny goods, chocolates, jellies (including the distinctive Gimbal Fruit Slices), and creams.

In 1930, two of Alexander Gimbal's sons, Raynor and Leroy, assumed management of the company. With an eye on improvement and future expansion and confidence in continued demand for even finer candies, Gimbal Brothers moved to its present location in South San Francisco in 1951. At the same time, two more Gimbals, Raynor, Jr. and Leroy, Jr., joined the company.

Today, the fourth-generation Gimbal, Lance, with his family and devoted, talented employees continues to produce fine-quality candy with the high standards set by his great-grandfather. The company has changed its name to Gimbal's Fine Candies and will continue to strive to meet its customers' ever-changing needs.


Gimbal's Fine Candies produces a wide variety of year-round and seasonal bulk specialty confections, as well as a select number of year-round specialty items in specialty gift bags. The products are designed to meet the needs of upscale retailers who pride themselves on displaying attractive candy selections and offering personalized counter service.

Year-round Gimbal selections are led by the popular Soft Chews, which include fourteen terrific flavors, such as Orange 'N Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Licorice, Cinnamon, and Cherry. The Soft Chew line also includes six sugar-free flavors, including Wild Cherry, Orange 'N Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Black Licorice, Juicy Pear, and Tangy Lemon. The line has also been expanded to include Li'l Bears and Cream Pups[R], two terrific shapes in the same popular soft chew texture. Cream Pups[R] is a "fruit-and-cream" assortment in six great flavors.

Gimbal "Specialties" include a group of traditional favorites, such as six flavors of Fruit Slices (handmade pectin delights), Licorice and Wild Cherry Scottie Dogs, Black & White Licorice Mix, Raspberries & Blackberries, Cherry and Assorted Fish, and Sizzling Cinnamon Feet. Gimbal's also offers a selection of sour products that includes Super Sour Stars, Super Sour Worms, Super Sour Bears, and Super Sour Feet.

Ultimate Jelly Beans[R] are a unique "production recipe" that combines pectin and starch to deliver a distinctive, soft-chewing gourmet jelly bean. Available in 21 individual 10-pound bulk flavors, a 21-flavor bulk assortment, and new specialty 10-ounce bags, flavors include Wild Cherry, Tangerine, Watermelon, Blueberry, and Buttered Popcorn.

Seasonal bulk products are available for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Items include Super Sour Corn and Gummy Mummies for Halloween, Holly Berries and Deluxe Mix for Christmas, Pucker-Ups and Nonpareil Cherry Hearts for Valentine's Day, and Sour Easter Assortment and Nonpareil Jelly Eggs for Easter.

All Gimbal's Fine Candies, both year-round and seasonal, are certified kosher under the Orthodox Union.


Gimbal's has experienced tremendous success with the newly designed stand-up bags. Five top-selling items are currently available in 10-ounce bags: 21-flavor Assorted Ultimate Jelly Beans, Raspberries & Blackberries, Orange 'N Cream Soft Chews, Licorice Mix, and Super Sour Stars. In 2001, Gimbal's introduced a floor shipper display for the 10-ounce bag line. Each shipper holds 60 10-ounce bags (12 bags of each item), making a beautiful display in any retail outlet.

A special 3-bag gift pack has been added to the line to promote variety pack sales and business-to-business and corporate gift sales. These are available in a standard pack, as well as custom mixes.

New packaging equipment has opened the door to custom and private label packaging. Gimbal's offers the 10-ounce bag design for custom packaging of year-round, seasonal, or custom products.


We offer self-adhesive product stickers with ingredient listings for bulk bin and shelf strip labeling. A 12-bag cell tray is also available for merchandising the 10-ounce stand-up bags. Four-color posters and sell sheets are also available.


Gimbal's Fine Candies improves people's lives by providing a moment of pure enjoyment! Our success will continue to grow by providing quality candy and superior service, earning customer loyalty, and creating a fun and rewarding work environment.

Terri Bihl,
Marketing & Sales

250 Hillside Blvd.
So. San Francisco,
CA 94080




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