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Return to the love shack: the B-52s, the world's greatest party band, comes out (in more ways than one) with its first new album in 16 years. Mar 25, 2008 1279
Snoop speaks: in the midst of the fifth and final season of the wire, Felicia "Snoop" Pearson talks about life on set, dealing drugs, dating "miss fine" ... oh, and that murder rap. Interview Feb 26, 2008 1436
Cate Blanchett: queen of cool: she's been Kate Hepburn and Queen Elizabeth and Galadriel. In I'm Not There, the great Cate Blanchett steps across the gender divide to play Bob Dylan--and reminds us that however we try to catch her, she'll always he a step ahead. Cover story Nov 20, 2007 1831
T.R. Knight is just a regular guy: shy, disarming, charming to a fault, sharp as a tack, and anything but a victim--emerging from the center of the storm, T.R. Knight lays down his armor. Cover story Jun 19, 2007 3226
The river Styx: the gay bassist for one of the seminal rock groups of the '70s and '80s once feared where his sexuality would take him. Now, with his new autobiography, The Grand Illusion, Chuck Panozzo is finally on solid ground. May 22, 2007 1509
A cabin of one's own: New England's MacDowell Colony celebrates 100 years of artistic utopia. And the gay and lesbian artists who prospered there celebrate its role in their careers. May 8, 2007 486
Truly madly gay: for years, the lead singer of the band Savage Garden wasn't just in the closet, he was in denial. Now the international pop star is remarried (this time to a man) and staging his musical comeback. Darren Hayes is finally ready to talk. Apr 24, 2007 2353
Affairs to remember: Farley Granger bedded Ava Gardner, Shelley Winters, and Leonard Bernstein. In his autobiography, Include Me Out, Hitchcock's muse reveals how he lived as an openly bisexual actor in classic Hollywood and got away with it. Mar 27, 2007 1851
Second set: for transgender tennis star Renee Richards, the generation gap looms larger than the gender gap. Her latest book, No Way Renee, continues the story of her "notorious" life. Mar 27, 2007 1189
Billie Jean is King: the ultimate athlete was 32 years old and closeted when transgender Renee Richards sued for the right to play pro tennis against women. Here, she looks back and contemplates the future of gays in professional sports. Mar 27, 2007 417
On the ball: with his new play All That I Will Ever Be, a post-Six Feet Under Alan Ball proves there's life after death. Theater review Mar 13, 2007 1038
Film. Sep 12, 2006 982
We lost it at the movies; the summer's top 10 hottest films for gays and lesbians. Movie review May 23, 2006 870
Out of the shadows: Shadowboxer puts out producer Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball) in the director's chair. Interview May 23, 2006 458
Sex and salvation: best-selling author E. Lynn Harris takes on boy bands, antigay politics, and African-American megachurches in his new novel. Interview May 23, 2006 588
Brokeback's film journey. Feb 28, 2006 172
Extreme makeovers: how did the stars of Capote, Breakfast on Pluto, and Transamerica go through such radical transformations to play their gay or trans characters? It's all in the tailoring--and the right (or wrong) wigs and makeup. Feb 28, 2006 1016
Chita Rivera. Interview Feb 14, 2006 546
His favorite year: an exhausting, exciting year for Nathan Lane involves Sondheim, London's West End, injuries, Terrence McNally, Broadway's sold-out Odd Couple, and a little movie called The Producers. Interview Jan 17, 2006 1635
Singing her own tune: Lesley Gore is on her second run of celebrity--from the "It's My Party" songbird of the '60s to the out singer-songwriter of 2005's quietly haunting indie CD Ever Since. Jan 17, 2006 1337
Red Eye to eye shadow: hot off rave reviews from summer hits Batman Begins and Red Eye, Irish actor Cillian Murphy does drag for Crying Game director Neil Jordan in Breakfast on Pluto. Nov 22, 2005 526
Rent gets real: as the pansexual, AIDS-inflected Broadway sensation becomes a gritty, hyperreal movie, three returning cast members talk about how the show's messages of love, life, and liberty for all have only become more urgent. Cover Story Nov 8, 2005 3380
Catherine Keener. Interview Oct 25, 2005 521
Capote. Movie Review Oct 11, 2005 478
Real world recovery: in a confessional new book, gay Real World alum Chris Beckman puts the spotlight on a new generation fighting addiction. Cover Story Sep 27, 2005 832
Film. Calendar Sep 13, 2005 1196
Scott Pomfret & Scott Whittier. Interview Aug 16, 2005 567
Beach book bingo: our top 20 picks for summer reading. Bibliography Jun 7, 2005 682
Tracey Ullman. Brief Article May 24, 2005 453
Knight moves: out Broadway hunk Christopher Sieber is enjoying his biggest hit yet. Interview May 10, 2005 521
The prime of Craig Lucas: penning plays, directing movies--now he's writing the book for a major musical. Is there anything Craig Lucas can't do? Interview Apr 26, 2005 502
Mortal combat: the new documentary Ring of Fire tells the story of a boxer who beat a man to death over one word: "faggot". Television Program Review Apr 26, 2005 384
Back in bloom: that southern grail of comedy, Steel Magnolias, is back--and on Broadway--with Avenue Q's acclaimed out director in charge. Theater Review Apr 12, 2005 460
Gayfellas. Mar 15, 2005 362
Harold Maude: out talent Eric Millegan tells all about playing Harold in a new musical version of the '70s cult classic film. Interview Feb 1, 2005 372
Caged heat: the Producers' hilarious Gary Beach gets his name above the title in La Cage aux Folles. Dec 7, 2004 536
Making overtures: B.D. Wong was thrilled by Pacific Overtures when he was a kid. Now he's in the lead. Dec 7, 2004 513
Everything fans want: Want Two feels a bit like Rufus Wainwright vamping until his next album--but the enclosed concert DVD is a must for devotees of the out troubadour. Sound Recording Review Nov 23, 2004 402
Rupert's return: coming back to The Advocate after a nearly seven-year absence, Rupert Everett talks about playing Stage Beauty's king in drag, trying to make a gay James Bond movie, and killing John Schlesinger. Cover Story Nov 9, 2004 2917
Broadway bares all: PBS's six-hour documentary on the Great White Way is more than just another op'nin', another show. Television Program Review Oct 26, 2004 354
The new degaying of Hollywood: Alexander. Troy. Brokeback Mountain. De-Lovely. Straightening up history's heroes, desexing literature's love stories, Hollywood is making gay movies-without the "gay". Sep 14, 2004 1830
Let's all go to the lobby. Sep 14, 2004 1835
Cutting Colin: as A Home at the End of the World hits the screen, the filmmakers talk about slimming down the novel--and axing Colin Farrell's nude scene. Interview Aug 17, 2004 631
Regarding Henry: Irish novelist Colm Toibin talks about writing The Master, his riveting journey into the mind of America's great gay writer Henry James. Interview Jun 8, 2004 729
The ballad of John and Tony: John Tartaglia, the adorable star of the Tony-bound Avenue Q, talks about the second job he's taken on since coming out: ambassador of gay understanding. Interview May 25, 2004 790
Heart still burns; Larry Kramer's classic AIDS play The Normal Heart, revived in New York 20 years to the day after its opening, still cuts deep. A talk with leading men Raul Esparza and Billy Warlock. Interview May 25, 2004 496
Why can't the idol be gay? America's favorite reality TV contest may be cutting contestants who appear "too gay". May 11, 2004 756
Tonya meets Tony: with fiery Tonya Pinkins in the lead, Tony Kushner's tough musical Caroline, or Change takes aim at Broadway. May 11, 2004 545
Dead poets' society: three great gay poets live again on spoken-word CDs that let you read along. Audiobook Review May 11, 2004 422
Becoming her mother: Lisa Kron's new show reaffirms her gift for turning family drama into universal comedy. Apr 13, 2004 466
Dressed for excess: with Boy George playing performance artist Leigh Bowery, Taboo gave us the year's gayest costumes. Jan 20, 2004 495
Big fish in the Hollywood pond: Oscar-winning producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen have netted a holiday must-see with Tim Burton's latest fantasia. Interview Dec 9, 2003 1949
Springer fever: trust a team of gay men to dazzle London with a stylish little romp called Jerry Springer--the Opera. Interview Nov 25, 2003 976
A touch too soft. Book Review Nov 11, 2003 196
The Boys are back in town: Taboo writer Boy George and Euan Morton, the actor who plays him in the new-to-Broadway show, dish about Rosie, romance, and the media. Oct 28, 2003 1010
Third time charmed: Want One, the third release from Rufus Wainwright, confirms the gay troubadour's spot in the musical pantheon. Sound Recording Review Oct 14, 2003 554
He's a pig success: Illustrator Ian Falconer dazzles children with his best-selling books starring Olivia the pig. Oct 14, 2003 561
Queer eye confidential: the firings! The budgets! The filthy bathtub! Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Fab 5 and their two equally fab producers spill the beans on how reality TV's queerest twist turned into the hottest show of the summer. Sep 2, 2003 2920
Muppet boy makes good: the hit play Avenue Q tells a coming-out story in Sesame Street style--and predicts stardom for out puppeteer John Tartaglia. Critical Essay Jul 22, 2003 828
Kissing for Columbine. (the Buzz). Jul 8, 2003 244
Cinema, this summer: everything Advocate readers need to know about the gayest big-screen offerings for the hottest months. (Summer Movie Preview). May 27, 2003 1704
X woman: X2's Mystique, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, talks about living in a 1920s brothel, giving that famous "lesbian homework" quote, and getting blue with Alan Cumming. (film). Interview Apr 29, 2003 1178
Getting raves for her rants: Chinese-Jamaican poet Staceyann Chin brings her outraged eloquence from Broadway to HBO's Def Poetry. (television). Interview Apr 29, 2003 729
Radiant talent: artist Keith Haring's sexy, successful, and too-short life is celebrated in a new musical. (theater). Apr 15, 2003 1096
The golden Hours: with Meryl Streep as a lesbian, Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf, and Julianne Moore kissing Toni Colette, The Hours would seem to be the gayest movie ever nominated for nine Oscars. But the actresses and filmmakers argue that transcending such labels is exactly what has made the film so successful. (The Hollywood Issue). Cover Story Mar 18, 2003 3326
Boyfriend in training: five seasons in, everyone's itching to give Will & Grace's Will Truman a steady boyfriend. Will Dan Futterman be the lucky guy? Cover Story Feb 18, 2003 1838
Gay-acting straight man: with Angels in America, Urbania, and now Will & Grace, playing gay just comes naturally to Dan Futterman. (Cover Story). Feb 18, 2003 737
So happy together: for gay and lesbian characters, finding love and a happy ending is a fairly recent phenomenon. Here are some of our favorites. Cover Story Feb 18, 2003 755
Good heavens: the new archbishop of Canterbury speaks five languages and, in each one of them, says there's nothing sinful about being gay. (Religion). Jan 21, 2003 1036
Peyton Palace: the latest royal scandal is proving to be anything but a gay old time for the Windsors. (Scandal). Dec 24, 2002 967
Chicago's gay mafia: an oral history of how four gay guys came together behind the scenes to help turn Chicago into the hottest movie of the year and the Oscar front-runner. (film). Dec 24, 2002 1644
What's up, Dr. Phil? Oprah Winfrey's pal Dr. Phil McGraw insists he's more open-minded on gay issues than his daytime-TV predecessor, Dr. Laura. (fall TV preview). Interview Oct 1, 2002 530
Young Turk in old Rome: the Turkish director of the popular coming-out film Steam talks about his new film, His Secret Life, already a hit in Italy. (film). Interview Oct 1, 2002 648
Bill O'Reilly really likes you: the conservative, argumentative host of Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor favors gay rights laws and gay adoption but does wish that gays would shut up already. (Television). Sep 17, 2002 1405
Queen's loyal subjects: London loves We Will Rock You, a ditsy musical based on songs by Queen. But will it play in the States? Theater Review Jul 9, 2002 488
The Pop Idol comes out. (the Buzz). Brief Article Apr 30, 2002 217
A beautiful minefield: the makers of A Beautiful Mind chose to ignore John Nash's love of men. What were they thinking? (The Hollywood Issue). Critical Essay Apr 2, 2002 3900
Drift. (Film reviews: needing anchor: the love story in Drift is not compelling enough for one reality--let alone three). Movie Review Mar 5, 2002 255
Beyond QAF: from news to sitcoms, out gays & lesbians are making their mark all over British TV. Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 972
For the love of G-d. Brief Article Oct 23, 2001 1142
Defying labels. Brief Article Aug 28, 2001 588
Bo Allen Alan Ware. Brief Article Aug 14, 2001 440
Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood. Book Review Jul 17, 2001 905
Tales of the Tales. May 22, 2001 1721
Graham's crackers. Mar 13, 2001 1167
Gay strings attached. Brief Article Oct 24, 2000 604
Out past bedtime. Brief Article Sep 26, 2000 868
Show and telly. Brief Article Sep 12, 2000 1098
Authority always wins. Brief Article Jul 18, 2000 328
The battle of Britain. Brief Article Apr 25, 2000 686
That's all, Folk. Brief Article Apr 25, 2000 903
HILARY'S JOURNEY. Brief Article Mar 28, 2000 770
STANDING BY HER MAN. Brief Article Mar 28, 2000 922
High Art. Dec 7, 1999 1264
This boys's life. Book Review Oct 12, 1999 579
OUR BEST and BRIGHTEST ACTIVISTS: the arts. Aug 17, 1999 4404

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