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Gillete's enviro-friendly cast & cure holo packaging: The Gillette Proglide Fusion Power, launched at the beginning of the year, is the latest addition to the Proglide family and it prompts an examination of the holographic packaging of this top-of-the-range razor.

The packaging for sales in the Americas is made by Diamond Packaging, of Rochester, New York, which is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise Council (WBENC) as owned, controlled, and operated by women. The packaging for Europe is made by the Leunisman division of Rob Leunis & Chapman GmbH (RLC) in Hannover, Germany. Diamond Packaging's owners, Karla Fichter, CEO, and Kirsten Werner, President, aim to use sustainable converting methods, using wind energy to power its equipment.

The use of more sustainable converting methods includes the inline application of Henkel's MiraFoil[R] metallic coating and Cast and Cure holographic effects from Breit Technologies. Mira-Foil is an alternative to foil stamping which can be applied in-line, replacing film or foil laminates. Cast and Cure[TM] technology is an inline process for the production of holographic finishes. A UV-curable resin is applied to the substrate, and the holographic relief pattern is pressed in to this from a reel of holographic film. The resin is cured under UV light while in contact with the holographic film, which is then detached and re-wound. This is similar to the process used by the Sanjian Packaging companies equipment (See HN Vol 24 No 9) and Nilpeter's Holo-Print system (see HN Vol 23 No 10), although the latter uses a shim on a cylinder rather than a reel of material.

Cast & Cure Holograms

Breit Technologies, based in Lenexa, KS, USA, supplies the Cast and Cure, or C2, process. Tim Cain, president of Breit, described it as using a 'shim' 16000 feet long - the reel of transfer material, which can typically be used five times before needing to be replaced. Breit sees C2 complementing foiling, not replacing it. Dan Plash, sales manager points out that 'There will always be customers wanting shiny silver or gold details. [C.sup.2] will add yet another decorative option, that happens to provide good profit margins while providing a green alternative to foil.'

The C2 process originated at Foiltone Ltd, a company based in Preston, England, which last year formed a partnership with Sterling Toggle in West Babylon, NY. They had worked together on several installations of in-line cold foiling and cast & cure systems in the USA over the past 18 months and decided to formalise their relationship. Breit provides turnkey solutions, providing equipment (from Foiltone via Sterling Toggle), design support and consumables, including the reels of holographic film. The company also aims to ensure consistency of the holographic product wherever it is produced - Rochester. NY, or Hannover, Germany.

The design concept for the holographic packaging came from brand owner Proctor & Gamble. The vertical holographic rainbow lines on the square box in which the replacement cartridges are packed catch the eye. unfortunately the effect on the razor pack is completely lost and could pass unnoticed. This may be due to the filtering effect of the clear bubble pack.


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