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GigOptix Ramps Production of 40G and 100G Bundled Solutions.

To include 40G DQPSK, 40G RZ-QPSK, 100G DP-QPSK and Respective Bias Boards

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- GigOptix, Inc. (NYSE Amex:GIG), a leading fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high-speed information streaming, today announced the availability of its 40G and 100G bundled solutions to simplify product evaluation and enable faster time to market for customers. GigOptix's Bundled Solutions feature a next generation Thin Film Polymer on Silicon (TFPS(TM)) Mach-Zehnder Modulator (MZM), the corresponding MZM drivers, Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIA) and their respective bias boards for a number of popular 40G and 100G modulation formats.

GigOptix offers the:

* GLX4220, a 40G DQPSK solution comprised of: one LX8220 TFPS MZM, one GX62255 MZM driver, and one GX3222B TIA

* GLX4320, a 40G RZ-DQPSK solution comprised of: one LX8230 TFPS MZM, one GX62255 MZM driver, one GX6255 clock driver and one GX3222B TIA

* GLX1420, a 100G DP-QPSK solution comprised of: one LX8240 TFPS MZM, two GX62255 MZM drivers, and two GX3222B TIA

GigOptix's Bundled Solutions come fully tested for component interoperability and with reference designs to ensure quick turn on and ease of use and address the 40G and emerging 100G components market while providing the building blocks for future 400G communication systems.

"GigOptix is uniquely positioned amongst optical subcomponent vendors in that we provide the majority of the high speed optical-electronic interface devices such as drivers, TIAs and modulators," stated Andrea Betti-Berutto, CTO at GigOptix. "This not only provides us with an in-depth appreciation of our customers' system level challenges but also enables us to optimize the design and features of our TIAs, drivers and modulators to improve performance and power efficiency as well as reduce customers' R&D costs and development cycles by providing complete validated bundles for customers to utilize in their designs. The existing optical subcomponent ecosystem requires customers to source their MZM, driver and TIAs from three different vendors before beginning work on making the devices interoperate in a design. The GLX bundled solutions are an innovative approach to fast tracking this design effort and positions GigOptix well to lead in the increasing integration of optical-electronic functionality in optical telecommunications."

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About GigOptix, Inc.

GigOptix is a leading fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high-speed end-to-end information streaming over the network and address emerging high-growth opportunities in the communications, industrial, defense and avionics industries. The Company offers a unique broad portfolio of Drivers, TIAs and TFPS(TM) optical modulators for 40G and 100G fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks, and high performance MMIC solutions that enable next generation wireless microwave systems up to 90GHz and drivers. GigOptix also offers a wide range of digital and mixed-signal ASIC solutions and enables product lifetime extension through its GigOptix Sunset Rescue Program.

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