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Gift provides for Chemical Engineering students.

* Ann and Norman Hoffman of Waconia, Minn., have donated more than $2 million to support the University of North Dakota's School of Engineering and Mines/Chemical Engineering Department.

The Hoffmans' gift will establish the Ann and Norman Hoffman Chaff in National Defense/Energetics within the school.

Norman Hoffman, a native of Mandan, N.D., graduated from UND in 1959 with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Following graduation, he moved to California, where he was hired as an engineer with an aerospace company. Within months, Norman was promoted to manager of the chemical department, soon after becoming production manager with the company.

In 1964 he started his own company, Technical Ordnance, Inc. (Tek Ord). Hoffman ran the company for 40 years, serving as chairman of the board and president. Tek Ord remains a designer and manufacturer of detonators and initiators used in rocket motor ignitors, rocket destruct systems components and various military safety systems. Hoffman sold Tek Ord in March 2006. Energetics is a branch of science that deals with energy and its rapid release or transformation, such as in explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics.

Energetics is widely used in defense applications, as well as many other areas including space exploration, counter-terrorism and public safety technologies, automotive airbags and fireworks. At Hoffman's request, one of the first tasks will be to build of a repository of information on energetics. The scientific knowledge in the area is highly dispersed. Some of it exists in documents difficult to obtain.
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Title Annotation:NDIA NEWS
Comment:Gift provides for Chemical Engineering students.(NDIA NEWS)
Publication:National Defense
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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