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Gift ideas for car buffs this Christmas.

By Carlo Miguel CastaAaAaAeA~eda of MoneyMax.

At this point, saying "Christmas is just around the corner" is less grating. With just a couple of weeks left before the actual day, most of us may be wracking our brains thinking of the best gifts for our loved ones.

We all have someone in our lives that's notoriously difficult to shop for. The ones with very discerning or very specific tastes are often the ones we spend days finding the perfect gift for, especially if they're just that special to us. If you're loved one is a car buff, there's a number of things you can present as a gift - outside of maybe getting them their dream car, which is a little pricey - let's be honest.

If you're looking for gift ideas for your car buff, here's a few that should be both fun, and will make you their favorite person for a long time.

Racing School

Not every car buff wants to go fast and furious, but there are more than a few that would, which makes this an ideal gift. Several racing schools give out lessons in the country, some basic, others are more specific - like Drift Classes from the Drift Masters of the Philippines.

For the more varied basiscs, Tuason Racing has several classes: Basic Carting, Basic Circuit Racing, Formula Car Testing, and High-Performance Driving. Similarly, the Toyota Racing School also has Basic Circuit Racing classes.

The price tags on these are a little steep, ranging from Php 5,000 to Php 15,000 depending on the class.

A Standalone GPS Device

Sure, Waze is a great app that your car buff can use on a daily basis. But a standalone GPS device also helps reduce the constant load on data, and is dedicated to being able to map out a path to your destination, or explore (less traffic-prone) routes when possible. Some of the current generation GPS devices also include highlights for nearby restaurants and gas stations.

There are many devices out there that are well worth the price, mostly ranging from anywhere between Php 3,000 to Php 12,000 for fully-loaded models.

Car Emergency and Safety Kits

If your car buff is on their first car, they won't have as many of the essentials that other car owners will have. Typical kits consist of items for dealing with roadside dilemmas, or weather-related emergencies that a car owner may experience.

Kits should typically contain road flares, a hazard triangle, warning lights, spare oil, jumper cables and spare fuses. Consider a first aid kit and basic tool kit as well. Think of it as their emergency go-bag in case they wind up with a flat tire.

Overall, assembly of a kit can cost upwards of Php 1,500.

A Car Factory Tour

Ever wonder how it's made? While your car buff may have watched videos of factory tours already, it's still something else to experience the real deal. The dream tour is definitely Detroit, otherwise known to car aficionados around the world as "Motor City".

Of course, that's a really big deal and could take a while to plan. But there are a couple of car plants that are accessible locally. Honda and Ford both have car plants that can book tours for the intrepid car fan, and contact details are available on their respective websites.

A Car Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your loves ones while on the road is by purchasing car insurance. If you still don't have any yet, financial comparison websites such as will help you compare and find the best car insurance deal for your car.

Car Cleaning Supplies

It's one thing for a car buff to have their cleaning done professionally, and another for them to do it themselves. Some may find it more fun to DIY, and enjoy lavishing their car with attention. For them, the gift of supplies is always appreciated.

Microfiber cloths, wax, and cleaning solutions could make your car buff's Christmas. Your cost for this gift may be upwards of Php 2,000 for high-end gear.

Final Thoughts

Remember that it's the thought that counts when you give a gift. Even a gift check to their favorite detailing or car accessories shop will definitely be appreciated. While some of these gifts can be pricey, you can be sure that they'll remember it for years to come.

In the season of giving, it'll be the fact that you took the time and effort to give them a gift that's perfectly suited to their interests.


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