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Gift Ideas for Mother.

When it comes time to shop for Mother's Day, I like to choose either beautiful or practical gifts that encourage my mother and friends to move toward better health. Whenever possible, I look for something that's beautiful enough so that the gift will be kept until the recipient is ready to use it. Here are some of my favorites:

From Natren, Inc. comes a Probiotic Face Cream that contains enzymes, anti-microbials, and friendly bacteria (probiotics) that eliminate harmful bacteria as it nourishes your skin. This exceptional moisturizer contains the same high-quality probiotics as their internal products. Natren's Beauty Pack, consisting of 4 oz containers each of a cleansing preparation made with botanical oils, along with the face cream, is $85. But their small (1 oz) purse-sized version of the face cream -- more than enough tO Start someone with sensitive or damaged skin toward a solution -- is $19.95. (Natren 877-962-8736)

Cookies! If you'd like to turn someone on to healthier treats, why not give them a package or two of a cookie mix made with organic flours and fructose (no refined sugars here). With no preservatives or dairy, each package makes three-dozen cookies. Most chocolate chip cookies are made with milk chocolate and sugar. Not these. Other flavors include Beanut Butter (a soy version of peanut butter), and cinnamon oatmeal raisin. Available by mail from Dixie Diner's Club for $6.39 a package -- that's less than 20 cents a cookie. (800-233-3668).

Finally, here's an inexpensive gift from Donna Atwood Design: a set of four two-inch Refrigerator Magnets with some of the most beautiful graphic designs of birds, butterflies, plants, and animals of the desert I have ever seen. You can send for a catalog that includes note cards and coloring books, or order either of two sets of butterfly magnets (Set J or K in the Little Angels of the Desert series). Other designs -- Ancient Harvest and Desert Life -- are also available. Each set of magnets is only $7 (602-254-7168 or Order one for yourself or you may not be able to part with hose you bought for gifts.
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