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Giant asteroid measuring three football fields flies past Earth (Update:Giant).

Washington, Feb 18 ( ANI ): A giant asteroid flew past Earth just a year after a huge asteroid slammed into Russia's town of Chelyabinsk last year. broadcast the passing of the Near-Earth Asteroid 2000 EM26 as the Olympics took place in Sochi, Russia, reported.

No life was lost in the February 15, 2013, ordeal, but it did cause injuries and significant property damage in the area.

This latest Earth-bound asteroid, named 2000 EM26 and known as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA), is at its closest to Earth.

But even at that, it still is about 8.8 times farther away than the Earth's moon. That's good news because this asteroid is about 13 times as big as the one that struck Chelyabinsk.

With a diameter of 885 feet, it's approximately three football fields around and is traveling at about 27,000 mph. ( ANI )

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Publication:Asian News International
Geographic Code:4EXRU
Date:Feb 18, 2014
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