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Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority: the preferred ports in the sub-region.

In recent years - and especially after the conflict in Cote d'lvoire - Ghana has become a popular route for cargo in transit to and from the landlocked countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. In spite of the traditional ties between ports and transit countries that all speak French, more and more shippers have switched to Ghana, where the seaports offer greater efficiency and improved facilities. Another key factor is Ghana's central location in the sub-region.


The seaports are supervised and maintained by the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, a government organisation with its head office in the Port of Tema.

The GPHA aims to be a landlord authority, with most day-to-day port operations being entrusted to the private sector. As a landlord authority, the GPHA has a mission to provide a reliable port infrastructure. The government believes this will help to attract private-sector investment and expertise from overseas - the kind of companies that can be relied on to deliver modern and efficient port services.

In recent years, the GPHA has taken steps to increase capacity and boost productivity in the two maritime gateways of the country: Tema and Takoradi. To meet the growing demand generated by the rapid rise in transshipment and transit business, the Authority has invested in deeper draught berths and modern container handling equipment (especially in Tema). Also the congestion in Tema has been tackled by creating new off-dock handling areas and upgrading the road system.

Ghana's ports today rank high in the sub-region for security of cargo, vessels and persons, efficient delivery of services and cost-competitiveness. This has boosted the confidence of the stakeholders, leading to various private-sector initiatives in and around the ports. Mr. Nestor Percy Galley, the Director General, says the GPHA and its staff will continue to work hard to achieve the objective of becoming the maritime hub and shipping gateway for West Africa.
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Comment:Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority: the preferred ports in the sub-region.
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