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Gettysburg goes live with the eRetrograde Management System!

Through a NAVICP and Commander Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic partnership, USS Gettysburg has fully implemented eRMS and now performs as the test platform for surface combatants. An IT upgrade during her fall 2004 maintenance availability significantly improved bandwidth and connectivity, thus paving the way for the web-based eRMS.

eRMS has been a hit for all parties involved since its inception in 2003. Initially used on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships with resounding success, this computerized system is now being utilized by numerous Air Stations, NADEPs, Navy shore stations, MALS, and expeditionary mobile nodes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The eRMS program ensures that retrograde AVDLRs/DLRs are properly identified and tracked throughout their journey to the designated overhaul or designated storage point. When the ship or command manifests and posts proof of shipment in eRMS, traditional carcass tracking is turned oft at the NAVICP and that activity no longer has to worry about carcass charges for lost items.

Bottom line, eRMS saves the fleet money by preventing carcasses charges and greatly improves the turn around time needed to get carcasses back to ready for issue condition,

LT Christian Mahler was the Missile Fire Control Weapons Systems Officer at NAVICP Mechanicsburg, Pa., prior to his assignment on USS Gettysburg.
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Title Annotation:Naval Inventory Control Point
Author:Mahler, Christian
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Date:May 1, 2005
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