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Getting to the point of needlepunch technology.

Getting To The Point Of Needlepunch Technology

INDA kicks off the spring conference season with its durable needlepunch fabrics conference; seminar takes place next month

In an attempt to keep a "sharp" eye on the needlepunch segment of the nonwovens business, INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, will once again host its very successful Needlepunch Conference at the Charlotte Marriott Executive Park, Charlotte, NC, March 17-18. The 1992 conference is designed to update manufacturers and suppliers on new global markets, technologies, international standards, test methods and manufacturing techniques of needlepunch fabrics. End use manufacturers will also talk about requirements for needlepunch fabrics in roofing, geotextiles, filtration, aerospace, absorbents and automotives.

The conference also includes an evening reception and table top displays for producers and suppliers of needlepunch fabrics.

Conference speakers and topics include: "World Class Manufacturing," Christopher O'Connor, Hoechst Celanese; "The Americas: Mexico, South America and Canada," Barry Roberts, Foster Needle; "Europe 1992: Implementation & Impact on Export Opportunities," Philippe Coppin, P. Coppin Consulting; "Needlepunch Products Produced Outside the U.S.," Gustav Wizemann, Groz Beckert Nadelfabriken; "Properties and Characteristics of Fibers Used in Needlepunched Nonwovens," Ed Vaughn, Clemson University; "Fiber Lubricants for Improved Needlepunch Processing," Thomas Theyson, George A. Goulston Company; "Microdenier Impact on Fiber Properties and Usefulness," Donald Shiffler, Jr., Du Pont; "Filtration: Ryton Sulfar Fiber for High Performance," Michael Johnson, Phillips Fibers; "Effect of Processing Lubricant on Needlepunched Nonwovens," Eckhard Casteel, Stephenson Thompson Textile.

Other speakers include: "Fire Blocking Fabrics of Spunlaced Kevlar Aramid," Sami Khan, Du Pont; "Thermal and Acoustical Performance of Needlepunch Fabrics," Kenneth Roy, Armstrong; "Standards & ISO 9000," Sara Hagigh, U.S. International Trade Administration; "Needlepunch Fabric Test Methods," William Blackburn, INDA; "Bench-marking: The Quality Tool for the 90's," Robert George, Du Pont; "Statistical Process Control for Needlepunch Fabrics," Moon Suh, N.C. State; "Identification and Removal of Metallic Contamination in Needlepunch Fabrics," Ed Razanauskas, Eriez Magnetic; "Thermoforming and Die Cutting Molded Needlepunch Fabrics," Robert Parsons, Troy Mills; "Specialty Products through Creative Finishing Techniques," Walter Jones, Precision Fabrics Group; "Needlepunching Cotton: Some Fundamental and Practical Considerations," Glenn Morton, Cotton Inc.

The conference also includes end use product manufacturers discussing needlepunching technology in a variety of markets. These applications include "Roofing," Robert Simpson, MFM Building Products; "Geotextiles," George Zagorski, Fluid Systems; "Filtration," Gary Greiner, ETS, Inc.; "Aerospace," Marcia Quinlan, Albany International Research; "Absorbents," Ben Staplefield, New Pig Corp. and "Automotives," Tom Fetner, General Motors.
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Title Annotation:Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry durable needlepunch fabrics conference
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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