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Getting to the heart of the matter.

LOVE is most definitely in the air - Valentine's Day is just around the corner (watch out for next week's Valentine craft) and in our neck of the woods it sounds as though Christmas 2011 brought a bumper crop of wedding proposals! For those of you planning your wedding - or with a friend or family member due to be married this year - this week's craft is for you.

Making things for your own wedding makes the day so much more memorable and one of a kind - who wants 'off the peg' wedding goodies? You can save hundreds of pounds too!

PAPER HEARTS These paper hearts are very easy to make - and can be made into all sorts of lovely wedding decorations - and they just about cost nothing to make! Large hearts can be made into garlands, and small ones can be made into table decorations and put into floral displays. Tiny ones make lovely decorations for bridesmaid gifts or favours, and can even be framed.

The hearts are easy to create. What you need to think about is what you want to make your hearts from. For example, you could use photocopied sheet music of 'your' song; use a photocopy of a love letter or your vows; a poem that means a lot to you; photos of you both during your courtship or when you got engaged.

WHAT TO DO 1. Measure out, draw and cut a series of strips of paper 2cm wide. For large hearts cut 2x 30cm, 2x 27cm, 2x 23cm and 2x18cm.

2. Cut a 6 cm long strip and fold it in half*, printed side showing. Staple the open end and punch a hole around 1cm away from the fold. This is your 'hanging' part of the heart for a garland. If you are making smaller hearts for a table decoration, omit this stage. 3. Place your strips on the table so you graduate the set from both ends - this helps you to avoid mistakes when you are assembling the heart. So, for the large heart line the pieces up on the table like this: 30cm, 27cm, 23 cm, 18cm. Folded piece with hole punched in the top. 18cm, 23cm, 27cm, 30cm 4. Starting with the two 30cm pieces, cut a small piece of double sided tape and put it at the top of the right (printed) side.

5. Press the taped ends one either side of the folded piece*.

6. Draw the bottom of the strips down to a point at the bottom and use double sided tape on the inside (non-printed side) to join the ends. This will create your first heart.

7. Continue one inside the other, with each pair of strips to make hearts in the same way. End with the shortest pieces to make the smallest heart. This gives you a concentric set of four hearts getting smaller nearer the centre.

To make small hearts into a bouquet for a centrepiece, leave out step two - you do not need anything to hang the heart on to a garland. Instead, glue the hearts on to a straw to make a stem! You can make these in the colour theme for your wedding.

FOR BRIDES... OUR NATURAL NUPTIALS HEN PARTY PACKAGE Why not book a hen party evening with a difference? Come along with your friends and family for a girly night of crafty fun. Take the opportunity to make a choice of crafts - these paper hearts, your own pamper products, favours, guest book, delicate jewellery, garter, or ring cushion - just ask for details. If you have a particular craft in mind that we haven't mentioned, we shall we happy to discuss your requirements. A specially-decorated cake for the 'hen' is our free gift to you to help the evening go with a swing, and we'll take lots of photos during the evening. These will be available online just for you and your guests, and a selection of the best will be mounted in a mini scrapbook album as a keepsake for the bride-to-be.

Prices from pounds 20 per head according to craft selected.

Look at for inspiration, and email: for details and bookings.

Look for more photos, inspiration and ideas on our website at Hear up to date news and share photos of your projects on our Facebook page WHAT YOU NEED ? Chosen paper ? Scissors ? Ruler ? Pencil ? Double sided tape ? Hole punch ? Thread


BIO: Lynn Huggins has written more than 300 books, including many craft titles. She runs Celebrate the Seasons, a crafts and community arts space in High Spen.
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