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Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents Series.

Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents Series

Mike Venezia

Franklin Watts, A Division of Scholastic, Inc.


Box 1795 Danbury, CT 06816

ISBN# 0516296701 $26.50 Set of 6 books $156.00 32 pgs.

George Washington ISBN# 0516226061

James Madison ISBN# 0516226096

James Monroe ISBN# 051622610X

John Adams ISBN# 051622607X

John Quincy Adams ISBN# 0516226118

Thomas Jefferson ISBN# 0516226088

I remember as a child how intimidating it was learning about the presidents. We were spoon fed cold hard facts regarding their lives and deeds, then expected to memorize and regurgitate them on demand. Up until now there really hasn't been a fun and non-intimidating way for kids to approach this until Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents Series written and illustrated by Mike Venezia, which is sure to set the standard for a long time to come.

What makes this series so special is a writing style, which blends historical facts with humor, making it fun to learn. As a parent, I know my child retains a lot more when they are attentive and the best way to hold her attention is to make things either fun or funny, which Mr. Venezia has down to a science. In addition to the text being designed with a child at heart, the illustrations are absolutely hilarious and adorable.

The books themselves are sturdy and designed in a way that they will last for many generations. If there had been tools such as this when I was a child, I am certain learning about the presidents would have been among my favorite parts of history. This is truly the child's presidential reference set that no home or school should be without.
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Title Annotation:George Washington; James Madison; James Monroe; John Adams; John Quincy Adams; Thomas Jefferson
Author:Bennett, Diana
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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