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Getting to Choose.

But who gets to choose this ordered end ...
--Maxine Kumin

Trying to will an ordered end
I'm mucking out the garage
where old manuscripts are stored

with books, journals, magazines,
old photographs of boyfriends,
husbands, friends' kids, mine.

My bed and board can't survive
this hoard, nor can I abide
leaving it to my only child to sort

and deal with, short of tossing
it all or calling the junkman
and stuffing what remains

into garbage bags for shredding--
if shredding isn't too dear--
but junk won't keep me here.

My ordered end will be
as sparse as I can make it--
the devil take it!

Irene Willis is the author of five poetry collections, most recently Rehearsal (IPBooks, 2018) and editor of a 2017 anthology of poems about Sigmund Freud.

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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Willis, Irene
Publication:The Women's Review of Books
Article Type:Poem
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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