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Getting the tigers up. (Indications).

Tigers, which have long been associated with virility, are facing a paradoxical threat to the species--impotence. The 49 South China tigers that are housed in ten Chinese zoos have lost their sex drive in captivity. Habitat loss and poaching have reduced to about 20 the number of the tigers living in the wild. Ironically, several tiger species are hunted for their penises, which traditional Chinese medicine considers useful for boosting human sex drive and potency At the Beijing zoo, Chinese animal breeding specialists--known for showing films of mating pandas to stimulate that endangered species--are hoping that Viagra and other drugs will help two male South China tigers produce offspring by next year.
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Title Annotation:Viagra for the improvement of tiger sex drive
Author:Berger, Joanne M.
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Jan 15, 2002
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