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Getting the in-laws covered.

I have been calling the companies you showcased in your article, "Is Your Travel Insurance Gay-Friendly?" [Fall] to find out if they would cover my domestic partner and her family. My partner's parents are 84 and 86 years old and in failing health. My partner will not be traveling with me, and I need to find a policy that will consider her parents my "in-laws."

I am planning a trip to Egypt in March 2005. So far here are my results: (1) HTH Worldwide said it would cover the domestic partner but not her family (2) Travel Guard's customer service said, no, it does not cover domestic partners. The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association told me that Travel Guard had just changed its policies, but when I called, the customer service line was familiar only with the definition of family as it is listed on the Web site. (3) Access America said it would cover the domestic partner but not her family. Can you please help me find a company that truly works with gay and lesbian travelers?


Kansas City, Mo.

This type of coverage is new territory for insurance companies. Travel Guard has now updated its service people on its new policies, When companies took this first step toward domestic-partner coverage, not all had thought about the logical next steps (i.e., covering the in lows). However, your in law--coverage question prompted Access America to examine its policy; the company decided to "do the right thing" and extend coverage to domestic partners' immediate families. So pat yourself on the back!

We also contacted CSA and Travelex, both of' which also offered to treat domestic partners' parents as they would o straight customer's in-laws. On the other hand, Travel Guard and HTH said their policies would be limited, at least for now, to domestic partners.

We expect that insurers will continue to revise their policies as the legal landscape for domestic partners evolves, Travel insurance is just one area where having full marriage equality for gays (versus a civil union) truly does make a difference.
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Title Annotation:Postcards
Author:Jacques, Julianne
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Oct 26, 2004
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