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Getting started with continuing competence requirements in 2007.

The NANB Continuing Competence Program materials were mailed to all New Brunswick registered nurses in late January. The package includes a program overview, tools to document continuing competence activities and examples to facilitate an understanding of the program.

All registered nurses must meet the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements in order to renew registration for 2008.

Suggestions on how to keep your documents easily

The NANB Continuing Competence Program materials were designed to fit into a three-ring binder. The "Completed Years" tab is specifically designed to help keep your records all in one place. Add plastic sleeves to store smaller documents such as cards, certificates, notes, and so forth.

Getting Starting

Read through the CCP materials to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program.

If you have questions after reading your CCP materials, seek clarification.

NANB is committed to providing member support and guidance to assist members with meeting the CCP requirements. Beginning in mid-March 2007, numerous one-hour educational sessions will be offered throughout the province in both official languages at various workplaces. Check the NANB website for up-to-date schedules. Additionally, you may call or E-mail questions regarding the NANB Continuing Competence Program directly to NANB. See "ongoing support" section below for specific contact information.

Three steps to meeting continuing competence requirements

The "Three Step Guide" section in your CCP package outlines the steps required to meet continuing competence requirements. The "Examples of Completed Worksheets" section offers four examples of completed worksheets. The three steps are:

1. Self-assessment

Using the five NANB Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and corresponding indicators, you will reflect on your practice and identify learning needs at least once per year.

A tool to document your self-assessment, the "Self-Assessment Worksheet," is included with your CCP materials. Additional worksheets can be downloaded from NANB's Web site.

2. Learning Plan

During any year, you will take part in other learning activities that you did not include in your CCP learning plan. The CCP materials you receive in early 2007 will include a section where you can record additional learning activities as they occur.

3. Evaluation

Once you have completed your learning activities you will consider whether the learning activities helped you meet your learning objective and whether they made a difference to your practice.

Ongoing Support

Questions regarding the NANB Continuing Competence Program may be directed to the practice advisor, by E-mail at or calling toll free 1-800-442-4417 (in N.B.) or 458-8731 (local).

Check the NANB website for up-to-date information on scheduled one-hour presentations at
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