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Getting personal.

One of the greatest strengths of the Internet is the way it levels the playing field. Anyone can make a personal Web site and give their voice the same worldwide exposure as Focus on the Family or the White House. And today, it seems that everyone has a cool way to introduce themselves. Here are some of our favorites:

Christian McLaughlin, author of Sex Toys of the Gods and creator of MTV's Spyder Games, has a personal site awash with bizarre stories of celebrity encounters and a childhood of trashy Jackie Collins novels. Don't miss the "Unauthorized Shit List" section of, where McLaughlin trashes the mean teachers that terrorized his formative years.

If the dishyness of McLaughlin's site is too much, visit, a low-key look at the tumultuous inner workings of an 18-year-old lesbian named Valerie. Explore the intimate site and its surprisingly insightful journal: Recent entries range from ramblings about working retail to touching and honest thoughts on friendship, love, and changing the world.

Taking a different approach is Brad Graham, whose "Bradlands" site is a labor of love from one of the funniest gay men in St. Louis. "The Daily Brad" section features slices of Graham's life packed into one easy-to-read loaf; his wry (rye?) observations make a daily must-visit.

But enough about everyone else. If these sites inspire you to spread your own message across the World Wide Web, check out Blogger, at It's the coolest way to keep your own online journal.


* "The UK Angels" is a photo gallery and collection of links featuring England's sexiest transgendered women.

* "Spoonfed:amerika" is an online literary 'zine for emerging gay artists and features their art, photography, and comics.

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