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Getting out on the ice for hockey, broomball, curling, skating, even "icercise."

Inspired by all the attention given the Winter Olympics in Saravejo this month, you may want to rush down to the nearest ice rink, strap on the blades, and brush up on your figure eights or speed up your slap shot. To get out on the ice for some broomball or Scottish curling, all you need are sneakers.

Lessons. If at first the ice rink looks like one vast banana peel, take heart. Many rinks offer 1/2- to 2-1/2-hour group lessons for beginners. Serious skaters can take group (about $30 for six weeks, plus skate rental) or individual lessons in basic skating, figure skating, and ice dancing. A few rinks offer icercise: aerobic dance on ice.

Hockey. Armchair hockey players, if you hung up your skates 20 years ago--or never even had any--you can find a place to try out your Wayne Gretzky imitation. Previous experience is downright discouraged in the National Novice Hockey League, now active in Denver and the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning men and women ages 21 and over pay about $200 for a 16- to 20-week season of lessons and friendly competition. Play starts in OCtober, but right now you can watch--the current season is in full swing. For information in the Bay Area, call (415) 567-2300; in Denver, call (303) 758-6889.

Most rinks sponsor junior or youth leagues (ages 6 to about 18), and senior and "old-timers" leagues; some have scheduled pick-up hockey sessions. For mroe information, call your nearby rink.

Broomball. This game offers the thrills of hockey without the skates. Instead, players were tennis shoes and use brooms and soccer-size balls instead of sticks and pucks. Some rinks sponsor leagues; other rent the ice to private groups.

Curling. To the untrained observer, this ancient Scottish sport looks like shuffleboard on ice. But there's a difference: after one player release the stone, two sweepers follow it with special brooms to reduce friction and help guide it into the circular area where points are scored. Look for curling in Colorado Springs (Broadmoor) and Westminster, Colorado, and Redwood City, California.

Skaing for fun. Admission averages $3 for a 2-hour public skating session; skate rentals cost about $1 extra.

Here are ice-skating facilities, listd alphabetically by state; all give skating lessons. Unless otherwise noted, rinks are indoors and open year-round.
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