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Getting organized with a PIM.

Busy accountants are turning increasingly to contact management and personal information managers (PIMs), computer programs that keep track of schedules, maintain addresses and phone numbers and set priorities in to-do lists.

One of the more powerful PIMs is the Daily Plan-it. Aside from doing all the conventional PIM chores, the Daily Plan-it has some unique features: For example, any of the data (such as a project) stored in the PIM record can be linked to an application program. Say that details on project X are stored in a spreadsheet file. Calling up project X from the Daily Plan-it calendar or to-do list not only provides an instant thumbnail sketch on the subject but also gives the user the ability to automatically launch right into the spre adsheet if more information is required or spreadsheet work has to be done on project X.

Other features of the Daily Plan-it include its ability to work like a database, grouping related records and reminding users of unfmished tasks. It also provides automatic dialing of any telephone number shown on the screen (if the computer is modem equipped) and it checks schedules for conflicts. When the program is in the letter-writing mode, it performs mail merges (placing names and addresses automatically onto designated letters).

Daily Plan-it can be run memoryresident--so a user working in one program can run it without first exiting the program.

In addition, Daily Plan-it is packaged with a large organizer wallet that holds the program's printed addresses and calendars.

Daily Plan-it costs $89.95. Pocket Pak Supplement, which adds a few enhancements, including a checkbook-sized wallet and the ability to print calendar and notes to fit it, costs $29.95.

For details, write to mB Allen, 1430 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite C, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, or call (617) 292-6494.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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