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Getting kids fit--team "One-On-One" campaign.

The Walk & Run campaign to get more kids active through walking and running has become a marathon. During the past year, ARA has distributed countless 12-week Walk & Run training guides and advice to teachers and parents.

There are many ways to encourage more school and community groups to walk and run with kids. And "heroes" can help. In June, we honored an elementary school in Ambler, Pennsylvania (Shady Grove), for their successes in improving kids' fitness through walking and running programs. Shady Grove is a model for many schools: they have an active parent organization, a supportive business community, and a staff willing to try new activities to increase the physical activity levels of all kids in the school. One program, in particular, caught our eye. "Family in Training" (F.I.T.) matches the goals of "One-On-One, Walk & Run" and both programs recognize the importance of mentoring parents and/or teachers as a key to success.

As we embark on another year, we need your help. We provide program information for free and have partnered with Youth Runner magazine to host free web pages for any classroom who takes on our challenge. We welcome your financial donations and any Walk-Run events that can generate needed funds for ARA to continue to provide support to communities across America.

Shady Grove showed us we can encourage more kids to regularly run, while having fun doing it. Please join the "Team One-on-One" campaign to help ARA get more kids fit through walking and running.
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