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Getting his rocks off; What a difference a year makes - just ask comedian Tom Stade. The Canadian stand-up tells DAVE FREAK why 2013 is going to totally rock.

TVE L months ago, with his then tour extended due to popular demand, Canadian comic Tom Stade's excitedly readying d himself for his debut stand-up DVD, which was due to be released in time for the Christmas rush.

But come December, r there r was no sign of the disc.

"Things T like k the DVD V are really l out of my control," r " says a a reflective i Stade now. o "We W did it.And I thought it really l would be out byChristmas 2012. I even v had the producer/dir r ector r forTop T Gear on it, so [the DVD V company] n obviousl by l believe ed in it and forked k out alot of money e makingit.Butthey e said they e only l release one DVD V debut e a year - and the other guy was Jack Whitehall. h "If they e only l do one, and it's ' between w Jack Whitehall h or Tom Stade, at least I lost out to someone super famous, a it'sn't ' Tom Stade or Chuck c And His Dog!" he says a with a chuc h kle. c "It makes k sense. Plus, my profile r should be bigger later this year. r I'm just gladwe didit. It'll be outsometime befor f e r Christmas."

Following o his first r headline tour last year, r themischie c vo e us Stade's ' new e show o is entitled Totally l Rocks. c "I love o d the last show a o nd this one is totally l on parwith it. I learnt alot on the last tour, a r nd playing a to theatre r crow r ds who are r just there t r o see you. It's ' alot more r funwhenthere' r s ' timeforyoutoget into ajoke. k The crow r d are different, r they're e r 'we'r we c r omedy d savvy' a not 'we'r we r drunk, and you have a 20 minutes n to make k us laugh'.".

In the past, Stade's cove o red such c topics as songs formarriedcouples to the lure r of cheap meat sold out of a van.

OfTotally l Rocks, c hesays: a "Ihave a anice frame r to the show, o although I don't ' want to give i it away, a but I will say a we're r cove o ring addiction, but it's ' not what you think; infatuation f verses love o , and a how o that all worksout; and we're c r overing a butter knife! And how o they e all connect together is alot of fun.

"When W I start talking about my act, it's ' hard f r or even v me to figure r out what is true!"hesays a withahoarse r laugh. "I like k alot of plot lines in one story, r it's ' not a long joke k with abig punchline, c it's ' peppered r with punchline c after punch-c li l ne."

Unlike k many on f his contemporaries, r who've v aggre g ssive i ly embraced r the TV panel show f ormat, Stade's preferr r ed r to ply l his trade r on such c prog r ra g mmes as Dave a 's One Nights.tand, Michael c McIntyre' r s ' Comedy d Roadshow a o nd Live i At The Apollo.

"I don't ' want a to rule out talking head shows, o but the shows o I've v alwa l ys a liked k are r those that'show o off your talent, standup shows o like k Live i At The Apollo. Talk a -ing head shows o are r not forshowing o off your talent as a comedian, doing a show o like k that doesn't ' mean you're r necessarily l fabulous a asalive i stand-upcomedian, but people don't ' alwa l ys a see that," he says. a Zigzagging across r the UK until June u with Totally l Rocks c means it's ' unlikel k y l we'll seemuchof StadeonTVforawhile - but that's ' just the way a he likes k it.

"I just go where r people tellme. people think I have a a choice, that I'll go to Doncaster one night, then up to Aberdeen, r and then have a to get down o to Brighton, but I don't," ' " he cackles. c "But I like k the fact that'someone sends meto all theseplaces, itmakes k mealittle bit stronger r , r and it makes k me feel that this iswhatI'mmeant todo. I didn't ' want a that 2012 tour to end! It's n ' ot like I k 'm working in a factor f y, r clock w c atc hing, c putting the lids on paint tins for 18 hours r a day. a I love o this job."

| TomStade plays The Glee Club, Cardiff., on Thursday, y May 2. Tickets priced PS15, PS13 concessions, fromthe box office on 0871 472 0400 or via w w w. w gl g c .uk u
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Date:Apr 12, 2013
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