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Getting connected ... locally.

Let's face it: the pace of communication is driving most of us crazy. On almost a monthly basis, we hear of new advances in technology that allow us to contact more people, more quickly, with more information. Please don't misunderstand. I love the technology, especially email. But I believe that we are developing a culture of technomaniacs. Was it only 25 years ago that the telephone, telex and the postal service were the major methods of communication? And, was it only 15 years ago that the question being debated was: Were faxes considered "legal" documents? Now, with Adobe PDFs, faxing is quickly becoming outdated and email, texting, and IM'ing are commonplace. It's enough to make your head spin!

Luckily, this is the time of the year to slow down and to take advantage of opportunities to connect with your colleagues the old fashioned way--in person. The FSCT Constituent Societies know the value of human contact and many offer the chance for their members and others to come together to talk, listen and learn from each other. Over the next several months, if you happen to be in the area, please consider attending one of the following "retreats." We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. If you need information on any of these events, please contact the FSCT Headquarters, even by phone if you wish.

* March 9 -- Northwestern Society's Symposium on "Progress in Specialty Coatings"

* April 19 -- Toronto Society's Symposium on "Innovations in Coatings"

* April 21 -- Louisville and CDIC Societies' "2004 Spectrum of Coatings"

* April 25-28 -- Southern Society's Annual Meeting and Coatings Symposium

* May 4 -- Detroit Society's "FOCUS Conference on Racing to a High Performance Finish"

* May 6-8 -- Pacific Northwest Society's "Coatings Fest Northwest Symposium"

* May 18-19 -- Cleveland and Pittsburgh Societies' Technical Symposium "Sink or Swim: Waterborne and Innovative Coatings"

In this issue of COATINGSTECH, Technology Today features the second part of Cliff Schoff's (Schoff Associates) excellent review of how weathering influences the properties of automotive coatings, and William Reynolds (Elementis Specialties) provides practical information regarding problems encountered in testing pregel viscosity to determine the quality of organoclays. Cynthia Challener's (COATINGSTECH contributing author) Market Update examines Color and Appearance Testing Equipment. In Consumer Corner, the Joint Coatings & Forest Products Committee provides the Finishes Checklist Guide to coating exterior wood surfaces. Warehouse management systems, a topic that could cut costs for many companies, is explained by Orr & Boss in the Manufacturing Forum.

Finally, a reminder that next month you can look forward to receiving the second issue of JCT RESEARCH along with COATINGSTECH. We look forward to hearing from you.

Robert F. Ziegler


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Title Annotation:Perspective ...
Author:Ziegler, Robert F.
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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