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Getting behind our team has never been so vital.

HAVING watched Huddersfield Town for over 30 years this season and last have been nothing short of sensational. It almost makes up for all those years of disappointment.

The shrewd way in which chairman Dean Hoyle has overseen decisions off the pitch along with David Wagner's management genius have meant we have been able to compete and sometimes beat the very best teams.

The vast majority of the fans in the stadium have helped contribute to an atmosphere that is the envy of the Premier League with much publicity being given to it by pundits and away fans alike.

What leaves me dismayed is the moaning of some of the fans that I sit near.

At a recent loss to Chelsea, where admittedly Town were below par, the gentleman who sits on the row behind me proceeded to abuse nearly every player that we have and even called our manager clueless!

Clearly this gentleman expected us to turn up and wipe the floor with the current champions of England, despite them having a team full of internationals worth hundreds of millions.

This gentleman decided to carry out a character assassination of Aaron Mooy during our loss to West Ham, a player who has been nothing short of brilliant for us at his time at the club.

Yes, he had a poorer game than his usual high standard but even the very best have 'off days.' I wish some fans could have a sense of perspective about how far Huddersfield have come in a relatively short time.

We have performed near miracles on the budget we have had compared to so-called bigger clubs.

We will no doubt look back at this team, manager and chairman in many years to come and eulogise about what a fantastic time it was to watch our club.

So please stop the moaning and get behind the team - and to the gentleman who sits behind me if you really find us so painful to watch, why not donate your ticket to one of the many folk who would love to watch Town in the Premier League? W Basnett Highburton There's still hope GOOD news that Jeremy Hunt has referred the future of HRI to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP).

Mike Forster, of Hands off HRI, proved a popular speaker at our January meeting of Huddersfield Over Fifties Forum at Huddersfield Town Hall and fielded many questions by members.

He emphasised that in no way was it a 'done deal' but also warned there were obstacles to overcome.

Huddersfield Over Fifties Forum, chaired by Judith Churley from Age UK, has always taken a very keen interest in the machinations surrounding HRI by the GHCCG and it has been a major topic of discussion for many months.

We are grateful for the work done by Karl Deitch and many others who have given up their time to organise events.

Credit must also go to our local MPs, past and present, who are fighting to retain our hospital.

As l have said before, 500,000 (Kirklees) does not go into 250,000 (Calderdale).

Based on this alone the IRP should save HRI & A&E.

Jean Lorriman HOFF Press Officer 'The power of words' THIS year's theme for Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday, January 27 is 'The Power of Words'.

This January, at around 8,000 events across the country hundreds of thousands of people will gather to reflect on the power of words and how they were used in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, in propaganda to incite hatred, in slogans written in resistance and in memoirs to record survivors' experiences.

Holocaust Memorial Day is about remembering the atrocities of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, but also about finding ways to make sure they can never happen again.

Recognising the power our words have is an important first step.

On Holocaust Memorial Day I ask you to choose to use your words for good.

For more information on how you can get involved with this year's events go to Olivia Marks-Woldman CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jan 27, 2018
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