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Getting a preview of Expo 86.

Canada's Expo 86 won't open for a year, but starting May 2, visitors to the host city of Vancouver can get a taste of what's ahead. Inside Expo Centre, a glittering 17-story geodesic dome, three exhibits will reflect Expo's themes of transportation and communications. You'6l also find a waterfront restaurant, souvenir shop, and a 1:500 scale model of fairgrounds and city.

The world exposition's major exhibit, the 500-seat Omnimax Theatre, surrounds you with images and sound; an 18-minute film, A Freedom to Move, takes you from the Mojave Desert to the North Pole.

At the 325-seat Futures Theatre, the audience votes on future trends in international transportation and communications by pressing computer buttons in the seat arms, then watches the results interpreted in a 21-minte laser, film, and slide show.

Design 2000 walks you through three futuristic environments: the electronic city, the natual world where man works with Nature, and life in outer space.

Expo Centre will be open Fridays and weekends May 2 through June 23 (plug Victoria Day, May 20); daily June 28 through September 2; weekends only September 7 through October 13. Hours are always 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Admission is $4.50 Canadian, $2.25 for seniors and children 6 through 12 (in March, $1 Canadian was 74 cents U.S.). Buy tickers at the gate (Terminal Avenue at Quebec Street, south of downtown), or write to Expo 86 Tickets (see below).

Order Expo 86 tickets now and save. Also starting May 2, you can order tickets for next year's fair at considerable savings. For example, one-day tickets at the gate will be $20 Canadian for everyone over age 5. However, a three-day pass ordered now costs only $29.95 for adults, $14.95 for children 6 through 12 and seniors. Thus a family of three would pay only $74.85 (good for any three days). A season's pass is $99 for one, $247.50 for a family of three. Prices are good through October 13, then increase steadily until opening date.

Passes cover admission to more than 80 pavilions, all displays and demonstrations, and most entertainment. Also included is unlimited use of the 3-mile-long monorail, gondolas, intra-site ferries, and the new light-rail system linking the fairgrounds on False Creek with the Canadian Pavilion on Burrard Inlet, a 4-minute ride.

For details, write or call Expo Info, Box 1800, Station A, Vancouver V6C 3A2; (604) 660-3976. To order tickets: Expo 86 Tickets, Box 1850, Station A, Vancouver V6C 3a9; (604) 660-3976. Major credit cards, checks, and money orders in Canadian funds are accepted.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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